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Erin Will Use You For Food

Erin W., “a pretty face“, has dating site users in Toronto gathering pitchforks thanks to her blog – which details her strategy to “find a man, any man, even a woman to finance this delectable venture into the maze of Toronto’s hottest resto nabes”:

Exploiting men for meals is tough. I have to put up with a lot of bad conversation and to be honest for awhile there I didn’t think I was up for the challenge.

Warning the internet that “Toronto gold diggers exist. Be afraid, be very afraid”, she later wonders “now that I’m internet famous, do you think I can swindle some better looking richer guys to take me out?”

I hope so because ugh dating is a lot of work and sometimes this happens….that moment when you find out your date wants to talk & get to know you before they consent to dinner…Oh yea & that thing you do where you keep “checking in” with me to make sure I’m having a good time…yah, stop that.

This scheme sounds familiar. However, Erin has added a charming new facet to the ‘use people for expensive dinners’ scheme by going so far as to lie about being Christian or Jewish in order to lure wallets on sites like Christian Mingle and JDate:

These guys should feel honoured by this open invitation to date me.


Just what we needed – more proof that online dating is a crock of catfish. Good luck out there folks.