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Essena O’Neill Flounce Is A Hoax, According To Youtubers

By now you’ve probably heard about the teenaged “Instagram model” who dramatically claimed she would be flouncing from social media because it ruins lives or something. Because the media loves photogenic white girls with first world social causes, Essena O’Neill became an overnight sensation for her “brave” choice.

After posting a bunch of stuff to her social media complaining about how social media sucks (while posturing herself as the Bringer Of Truth) she finally started to get some backlash. In her final youtube video she talked about a trip to Los Angeles, implying she was there as some kind of celebrity/working model being chased by agencies and saying all the rich and famous people she met while there were “miserable”. Unfortunately the folks whose couch she crashed on are also Toobers, and posted a lovely response – the gist of it being Essena was just a broke nobody who crashed at their house and ate all their food while hooking up with their guy friends.

Finally, after three days of people asking why she was still on social media if it’s so horrible, she deleted her instagram account and youtube videos yesterday. Not that she’s actually left social media completely – she’s still validation fishing over on Vimeo. As of this post she has 4 videos up of Essena talking about Essena, with the latest video being Essena talking about how everyone is talking about Essena.

She’s also started a new blog called “Let’s Be Game Changers”, the focus of which seems to be Essena begging for donations, claiming she can’t pay her rent without the money she was making from her promotional gram posts. Guess she should have lined up some income before flouncing out of the money-for-posts gram game, eh?

  1. Busted Coccyx Club

    I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you!!unnamed-111.gif

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    • Apollogetically Feministy

      Anyone who uses Joey to express an emotion should get 1000 this!

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  2. Wipe that face off your head, bitch

    That's really sad and pathetic if it's true. Her message really is important and worthwhile but not if it's just being said to gain even more attention and money.

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    • InsecureSportsBraWoman

      the problem is her new message is based on other grifter woo crap. ekhart tolle, gabby bernstein, etc etc it's all par for the post materialism grifter course of internet has beens (tim ferris, julia allison, etc etc). she needs to get a job, enroll in some kind of school or skill program, and learn how to cope and function in the real world without donations and shills.

      she's 19, i hope she will eventually get there.

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    • Amaryllis

      What message? That the internet doesn't reflect reality? If you need some teenaged Toober to tell you that. ..

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    • JuliasTooSmallTutu

      What message?
      White woman decides to put down Instagram! News at 11!

      That's literally ALL SHE DID! But she's a thin, young white woman so it went viral because the media will never tire of pretty white girls and their "revelations".

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      • English Butcher Shop

        This white girl needs to get a job.

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    • Aunt Linda

      Her "message" is totally counter intuitive and stupid.

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    • i like warm hugs

      Not WKing here - her message isn't a bad start, I mean, every realization and change starts somewhere. You can't change the world without realizing you don't like something about it ... but, that said ...

      Her "let's be game changers" video really sounded like a fake from the beginning. It sounded scripted, like a platform to make more cash, or to frame herself as the "model who isn't about all that material crap but still wants to be sponsored by worthwhile causes" because she posted a half-assed Millenial battle cry. My bet is she's doing this to try and gain followers, and more importantly, a different kind of sponsor, or get noticed by the likes of Tim Ferris, etc, as a "new up and comer."

      If those sponsors, the ones who originally paid her $2000 to wear a dress see she's posting about how much those things made her, etc ... she's burned bridges. I'm guessing somewhere along the way it's all a scam (she may never have been paid for those images).

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  3. Dean

    The pinnacle of success for me was when I could afford to buy Totino's Pizza Rolls, and not those crappy generic ones.

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    • Woods Comma Elle

      Same. And being able to buy the BIG 48 count bag, not just the 12 box.

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      • activate my almonds

        Now THAT is adulting!

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    • The Most Fuckable Of Them All

      Brand-name ketchup. Brand-name FANCY ketchup.

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  4. Fireside Touch

    Has she thought about, yaknow, getting a job?

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    • Aunt Linda


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  5. CassieF

    She needs to get a job-- just like everyone else in the world who has bills to pay. She is a grifter that numerous media outlets were praising two days ago. SMH!!

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    • We Ate Just Cake Like Peasants

      I am so weary of the new "Fund my life" culture. Job? I am too good for a real job, I just want to pout and be cute and have people send me money! Like, duh.

      She succeeded in going viral, but, as it is with most teens, she did not think of the ramifications of her actions. Time to get a subscription to a sugar baby site,

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  6. Suzy Bishop-Shakusky


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  7. Grimey

    Damn, these girls just sitting on YouTube tearing her apart word by word. The world of social media fame wh**es has no chill.

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    • internet parent of the year

      To me, that video "calling her out" was just as embarrassing as the initial flounce.

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      • English Butcher Shop

        Teens will be teens, no matter how much money they have.

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      • Hockey Pucks of Despair™

        Exactly! I can't believe they made a 12 minute video to make the same point over again, hysterically...

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  8. trashbreakfast


    I know I'm old when I don't give a shot about any of this.

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    • cashmerecat

      Yeah me too.

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    • NOPE

      Same. When I read PP's intro "By now you’ve probably heard about the teenaged “Instagram model” who...." and I was literally shaking my head saying nope. nope. nope. I have honestly never heard of her.

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  9. Posing sexily with Stilton

    I'd have a look at her new videos but I'm scared the air quotes will send me over the edge.

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    • activate my almonds

      Her poetry will make you want to jump off ten storey building.

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  10. missminty

    Once I saw the 4 threads devoted to her on GOMI, the constant Facebook posts, Buzzfeed, and every other news media outlet, I knew it was a hoax. I agree with Alice, girl is an internet grifter looking for a new way make that $$$.

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  11. gocryinyourmuffin

    To all parties involved...


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  12. We Ate Just Cake Like Peasants


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    • We Ate Just Cake Like Peasants

      I posted the wrong gif, damn it...but I guess this one sort of works, because I am just a stupid person with a day job.

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  13. If she's only 19 now, and she's been doing this for 4-5 years, where the holy hell are her parents in all this? Yeah, they can't do anything to her now, but if I was her mother I'd have sure as hell nipped this ridiculousness in the bud at 15-16. Or is this just the natural progression of parents that use their kids for click$ online, only with the middleman (parent) removed?

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    • JuliasTooSmallTutu

      That's interesting because it seems that her younger sister who is 13 or 14 was her photographer so she still must live close to her parents. She said that one of the reasons she decided to stop being an Instagram celebrity was because her little sister was measuring her waist to see if she was thin enough to be a model. So not only did her parents sign off on her career, they let her younger sister be her free photographer. They're the ones I want to her from, not Essena.

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      • English Butcher Shop

        It will all be very Sylvania Waters*

        (*Australian reality tv from the 90s).

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      We know where the parents are. Joe Simpson? Kris Kardashian? Dina Lohan? Pattie Mallette?

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