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Even Messica No Longer Cares About What Messica Wears

Jessica Quirk, professor of teaching how to draw stick figure Jessicas, is apparently all but over personal style blogging. She recently announced that What I Wore would be transitioning into a lifestyle blog;  now she tells readers she’s “spending a little less time thinking about what to wear”:

I’ve been resorting to my own archives for ideas on how to get dressed these days. With my mind on other things (like my upcoming lesson plans!) I just don’t care as much about clothes these days.

If you’re doing more lifestyle posts and no longer care about clothes…isn’t it maybe time to rebrand and be done with it? I’m so confused – all these bloggers who don’t need to are rebranding, yet the one blog that really should, isn’t. Gawd internets ur like harder than math sometimez!