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“Fabulously Broke” Thinks Women Can’t Handle “Men’s Work”

Shawanda Greene, of Fabulously Broke in the City, is “okay with offending people if I speak my truth”. Evidently her current truth is that “women shy away from STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math] professions. Additionally, we shun honest, good paying, blue collar” jobs such as “plumbers, carpenters, electricians, fire fighters, construction workers, garbage collectors, and mechanics” because “the conditions in which the aforementioned professionals work are, quite frankly, undesirable”. What are these “undesirable” conditions of “traditional ‘men’s work”?

The work is physically demanding:

Men and women are not equal. It’s impossible for a man to carry and conceive a child. And no one argues otherwise…I’d back down from a bar fight with even the scrawniest guy, because, well, he could probably kick my butt. After all, no one argues that men are stronger and faster than women.


Do you know what my father, a garbageman, smelled like when he walked through the door? You guessed it. Garbage. Personally, I’m not super eager to chip my finger nails, sweat out my hairdo, or catch offensive odors in my hair and pores during a standard day’s work.

…and masculine:

If you work with a bunch of guys, more likely than not, office chitchat will surround topics guys care about.

She wraps up these brilliant observations by stating that “I believe women should expand their options. However, I haven’t totally convinced myself that we’ll be successful in all male dominated professions.”

I’d really like to craft a pithy response to all of these statements but I need to take out my trash, repair my bathroom sink, and write some code, since my vagina has yet to convince me that such tasks are undesirable.