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Fat Guy Across America Is Trying Again

Eric Hites, the ‘fat guy’ who tried to ride a bike across the country a couple of years ago, has announced he is starting his journey again this week. Sort of.

In a 40 minute Facebook Live video he told all his fans that he will be leaving this week “Tuesday or Wednesday” to begin a trip to Dallas or Colorado or Las Vegas (he keeps mentioning various destinations), and that his “sponsor” will just have to catch up with him.

He spent most of the livefeed rambling about how he has been “riding every day” since he gave up and ran back to Indiana, and that he doesn’t understand how he ballooned back up to 582 pounds. He is also apparently still smoking despite also being on Chantix but qualifies it by saying he doesn’t “like” smoking and will not be taking cigarettes with him on this attempt.

He then went on about how there will be no GoFundMe this time, only the mysterious sponsor that he can’t wait to reveal. And he will be doing his meals differently on the road this time, saying he needs to “figure good things to eat from gas stations” – though we don’t see why that’s neccessary since he claims he will be packing a lunch every day. He also said for the first week of riding that his mommy will be picking him up every night so he can go sleep at home or something. I don’t really understand that part, he also claims to be taking a tent and a mattress so I am confused as to why his elderly parent needs to come out in a car to retrieve him every night for the first week.

So yeah, take that, Dr. Phil! *eyeroll* His fans have heard this all before (several times) so it remains to be seen what will happen this go around.

  1. Sprinks

    Why are his elderly parents picking him up? He’s got a wife with no job and nothing else to do.
    How does this man child not feel bad imposing on his parents all his life?

    • Mazel Tov Cocktail

      His wife is barely clinging to life by a gossamer tendril, for chrissakes. She almost died chewing ice! She has agoraphobia, and heart palpitations, and things that could be tumors if they were tumors, instead of being totally not tumors. She could be hit by a tumor any second.
      Plus, she’s going to a movie tonight.

  2. Lard Gargler

    He’s going to have his parents pick him up for the first week or two (or until he gets to Terre Haute, 60 miles away) because he only rides about 5-10 miles a day. And apparently he’s too broke to stay in hotels and there must not be any campsites between his house and Terre Haute. But the real reason is because he’s just making yet another half-assed attempt to ride his bike, and after Mommy or Daddy comes to pick him up and take him back home, he’s going to sit there under their roof for a few more months, especially when it starts to get cold. There will be some excuse as to why he will have to wait a while before going back out, just wait & see. Either cold weather or a mechanical problem with the bike.

  3. Betty Cruikshank

    He’s starting a long ride in mid-October? That’s a recipe for certain success. Never change, Eric!

    • Brain Sturgeon

      Hasn’t this guy ever played Oregon Trail?!

  4. fat_to_fat_darling

    Healthy things to eat from gas stations ………

    • A fruit pie salesman with a whoopie cushion living in Wichita Falls

      What’s surprising about that? All gas stations offer a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and…wait, sorry, I was thinking of chips and pork rinds. My mistake!

  5. Trixie

    He’s also going to be powering his electronics at fast food joints. What could go wrong with this plan?

    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      If he’s in a town big enough to have a fast food restaurant, it also has a GROCERY STORE. But that might require him to eat a vegetable, so that’s clearly out.

      He knows less than nothing about nutrition and training diets, and has not in the last four years bothered to try to learn, nor has his wife. If he ever leaves his parents’ house, he will make it about 20 miles and no further. Then another 2 years on the couch.

  6. Kicked out of Yoga

    They are going to a movie tonight, can Eric even fit in a standard movie seat?? I don’t see him actually doing any kind of ride on the bike he has he is just to heavy.

    • Wait...What

      Would he even fit in the plush recliners? I follow a husband-wife team who were featured on CNN. they documented their weight loss and all the struggles, both before and after. One of these things they were both excited about was going to the movies. If I recall, the husband was close to this guys weight.

      Did he have a special bike made? I only read about him here so I may be making that up??

  7. Wait...What

    This guy is a great example for why I picked my username. I just don’t have any words. I cannot even hate follow this guy.

  8. 2far4u

    Starting in October actually makes sense. The best time to do the Southern Tier is in Winter. Feb-March is best because of the longer days, but for Eric that is not enough time to get any substantial distance. That is when I did it.

    Staring in Danville doesn’t make much sense. It isn’t part of his route across the country. He might as well just ride from home each day until he is ready to head back to Dallas.

    I don’t get the Danville start, but if he is going to ride from Danville, I actually think it makes some sense to get picked up and sleep at home until he is 60 miles or so from home. I mean do you think it makes sense to camp 5, 10, 15, and 20 miles from home?

    The problem is that it is all a joke due to his total lack of any real motivation to stick to anything on a daily every day basis.

    • sonotamused

      ST of *where* exactly? (I live in an area called the Southern tier, and all your above is very much no)

      And yeah, he should be camping no matter how little distance he makes. that is the point of a cross country trip. KEEP MOVING FORWARD. (Not to mention that once he gets comfortable some place, he clearly does not move from it. Maybe sleeping his butt in a tent will be motivation to keep moving)

  9. Emily, you in danger, girl

    582lbs. Holy crap. Not to be all fat shamey or whatever, but wow. Being home was REALLY not good for him.

    • Purple21

      I just translated that into kilos – wow. So it’s definitely not muscle from all that cycling he’s been doing every day.

    • seven-dollar sandwich

      We’re not shaming his fat, we’re shaming his abject assholery.

  10. Lounge Lizard Larry Landsman

    Eric is once again setting out to torture a perfectly good bike. Let’s hope he packs a supply of diapers

  11. Kicked out of Yoga

    What will his excuse be tomorrow,, got that DL issue out of the way, any bets on if he actually rides around the parking lot tomorrow and then calls it a day.

  12. GodSpeed and a Muscle Relaxer

    Come on over and see the circus show. If you haven’t been following, read the 1850 pages to get yourself up to date. This guy and his wife are real winners.

  13. wittyname

    Someone needs to introduce this guy to Sarah Outen’s London2London via human power journey. She Rowed and biked around the world. Literally. Rowed to france, biked through europe and asia, kayaked to japan, rowed japan to north america, biked north america, rowed back to london. There was no mommy picking her up. SHe camped or was invited to stay when people met her, because she wasn’t an asshole. She ate power bars and stuff. This guy is crazy, first of all, and unfit (in all possible ways) for this sort of undertaking. He doesn’t need to bike to some undecided location, he needs the Radar institute (do they even still exist?)