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Fat Guy Across America Is Trying Again

Eric Hites, the ‘fat guy’ who tried to ride a bike across the country a couple of years ago, has announced he is starting his journey again this week. Sort of.

In a 40 minute Facebook Live video he told all his fans that he will be leaving this week “Tuesday or Wednesday” to begin a trip to Dallas or Colorado or Las Vegas (he keeps mentioning various destinations), and that his “sponsor” will just have to catch up with him.

He spent most of the livefeed rambling about how he has been “riding every day” since he gave up and ran back to Indiana, and that he doesn’t understand how he ballooned back up to 582 pounds. He is also apparently still smoking despite also being on Chantix but qualifies it by saying he doesn’t “like” smoking and will not be taking cigarettes with him on this attempt.

He then went on about how there will be no GoFundMe this time, only the mysterious sponsor that he can’t wait to reveal. And he will be doing his meals differently on the road this time, saying he needs to “figure good things to eat from gas stations” – though we don’t see why that’s neccessary since he claims he will be packing a lunch every day. He also said for the first week of riding that his mommy will be picking him up every night so he can go sleep at home or something. I don’t really understand that part, he also claims to be taking a tent and a mattress so I am confused as to why his elderly parent needs to come out in a car to retrieve him every night for the first week.

So yeah, take that, Dr. Phil! *eyeroll* His fans have heard this all before (several times) so it remains to be seen what will happen this go around.