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First Week Of “Hey Natalie Jean” Is Sponsored By Everyone

Natalie Jean, ‘professional’ ‘writer’, has managed to confuse and annoy her readers within the first week of her blog rebrand. Kicking off her new brand with two sponsored posts in a row, Natalie was forced to field some disappointment from fans. In response, she took to twitter and did some damage control:


Readers gave Natalie a break, assuming it was simply awkward timing. That is until yesterday, when yet another sponsored post appeared. Today, when a fourth sponsored post rounded out the first week of the new brand – the second in a row, despite her previous statement that it would not happen again – it seems some readers began to have just about enough:

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Natalie promptly began deleting comments asking why her disclosure did not meet the FTC’s recommended guidelines, and then ran to twitter once again in an attempt to end further discussion about the matter:

well pardon us

Needless to say many of Natalie’s fans are less than thrilled with the new direction her blog is taking. Perhaps if she rebranded it Hey, Natalie Will Shill Anything at least folks would know what they were in for and she wouldn’t have to apologize on twitter so often.