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“Fitting It All In” Is Not Like Obese People

Clare, some healthy living blogger, posted today about her struggle with emotional eating.

After being called out in the comments, Clare then edited her post to say:

As I work through my emotional eating, I’ve been steering clear of the word binge. It just seems too drastic – something that only very sick, very overweight people do. (Which is totally wrong and rude, but I think often the stigma.) Not something that I, a functioning, fit, thin person does. What I was doing was just emotional eating. Just eating too much sometimes.

She explains in her comments that her edit is “more appropriate and pc this way”. Because obviously changing the word from “obese” to merely “overweight” and stating that it’s “often the stigma” totally excuses the implication she’s making – which is, only fatties binge eat. Clare then goes on to say that even if you’re not overweight, eating just two cookies fits the definition of a binge if you eat them because you are having emotions.

So, basically, all emotional eating counts as binge eating? Thank you for the clarification, Dr. Clare!