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“Flora and Fauna” Will Now Revert Back To Her Old Self

Oh well.

Tatiana, the blogger known as Love, Life, Lace who flounced off the internet only to return once she got pregnant, has been applauded by many GOMIBLOGers for seemingly ending her try-hard twee domestic posing and just being a normal young mom.

Well you can put away your clapping hands. Tatiana announced that she would be going back to that previous persona:

I’m going back. Back to me, back to what feels comfortable, back to what feels right…I apologized to all my pretty dresses and blouses and before I knew it I was making an appointment with my hairstylist to get bangs again (it’s really happening and I’m really scared!!). The truth is I learned I’m just not lanky or edgy or “modely” enough for the trendy hipster look…

Tatiana then goes on to explain that she loves Anne Shirley and Pride & Prejudice which means she’s just way too nerdy to be a hipster:

It’s time I admit that I’ve always been a nerd, I am a nerd and I’ll probably always be a nerd. I will always swoon over a peter pan collar, twirly dress and bright lipstick.

It took about 5 seconds for her to get back to bangs, milkmaid braids, and posting twee pastries. So I guess now she’s back to being a carbon copy of all the other pretty pretty things blogs. It makes me want to pull a Tyra; we were all rooting for you, Tatty!