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Gluten Free Girl
October 31, 2016
12:28 pm
Bacon in Beans at Restaurants
Feline Porklord
Meows: 2639
Snarking Since:
November 10, 2013

Little Broom On The Prairie meowed
Wow. I'd be so outaged if I had backed her, and not even because I didn't get a reward …. because of her endless excuses, defensiveness, sancitimony, and victim mentality. I lost count of how many people she blamed reading that screed.

I've never in my life seen someone, who has been given so many opportunities, twist things like she does. The mental gymnastics she goes through to martyr herself are exhausting.

If I were a backer, I'd have long ago given up recieving a reward, but I'd be super pissed at her "I am the real victim here" manifesto. And step off a minute, Shauna — did you ever think for one second that your backers might be going through crappy things, too? Why do you always assume you're winning the adulting is hard Olympics? Every single mess you find yourself in are due to YOUR choices.

Yeah, most people would research the hell out of starting a business before, you know, starting a business. And most have to get bank loans for said businesses, which HAVE to be paid back, no matter what.

She also left out the part about adopting a child during all of this, hmm. I guess [mean person du jour] pushed her into that, too?

I'd love to see the responses she's getting on the KS page. Although, it's probably just more headpats and sympathy she somehow always manages to get while kicking her gifthorses in the mouth. She should be a politician. Her spinning the truth abilities are legend.

Sorry, backers. You sent this human sponge money, and you didn't even get a lousy T-shirt. Nope, two years later you a got very backhanded and grudging, "Thanks, I guess", and chastising for being so demanding of this poor, put-upon woman.


I'd be super pissed at her "I am the real victim here" manifesto

Brilliant summation!  

I just cannot figure out why no one, anywhere, has publicly called her out. How does she keep getting away with this "I am the real victim here, always" shit?  


ETA: So why didn't Danny's resumption of a real job merit an announcement from Shaun? Maybe she's uber-resentful that now she has to take care of the kids again? 

Poor Derpy. I'll bet he's absolutely jumping out of his skin with delight that he's back in a commercial kitchen. I'm sure he's elated to both do what he loves AND get away from Shawn and her everlasting demands to be fed or her shucking off the kids on him so that she can be a writerly writer or a vigorous hiker or a seeker of light or whatever faffing around she'd rather do than her share of childcare.

But I'll bet he has to cook an entire day's worth of meals before a shift, just to keep Shaun from dragging the kids down to the restaurant (I wonder which one?) to whine at him about going hungry.

October 31, 2016
1:17 pm
American Portions
Baroness of Ham
Meows: 366
Snarking Since:
May 18, 2014

It's difficult for me to feel sorry for her the way she wants me to about how she lives paycheck-to-paycheck and has been forced to get a *part-time* job when she got NINETY-TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS not so long ago. There are many people with full-time jobs trying very hard to stay afloat who never get a cash infusion like that!!

October 31, 2016
1:38 pm
Mazel Tov Cocktail
Feline Porklord
Meows: 4416
Snarking Since:
June 19, 2015

So she blew nearly 100k and didn't fulfill rewards because she didn't want to become the Gluten Free Gatsby. Sure. YES.

October 31, 2016
1:52 pm
Food Of the Proletariat
Meows: 19
Snarking Since:
April 27, 2016

I think it's more likely that she is facing some legal action, rather than her wanting to clear her conscience. I thought she was going to do a special batch of the grain-free flour for the grain-free backers? But that probably won't fly so she's going to buy someone else's grain-free flour and ship it off to those folks…?

Also, most two-parent households (yes, with young children) have two FULL TIME working adults. Even if they want to live the yesly islandly hippie lifestyle, they might want to think about putting some money away for those kids' educations.

October 31, 2016
2:07 pm
Basic Tongue Bowl
Feline Porklord
Meows: 1233
Snarking Since:
February 4, 2013

OMG that post. She still manages to be smug and condescending as ever. I agree it's quite the coincidence she posted that right after someone here posted that comment on Kickstarter. 

I was going to ask about "payroll" also. Is that how most of these Grfitstarter campaigns work? That is so incredibly vague, and I would be livid if I contributed. She lived on a large portion of that money and did not use it for the business, knowing the whole time that she would not continue growing the business after it was gone—it's obvious by her behavior. 

The lack of planning and forethought is staggering. This is a huge part of the problem with these crowd-funder sites, and why SHAUNA JAMES AHERN THE GRIFTING FRAUD has taught me never to donate to one. It encourages people to start businesses who don't have the motivation to fund it themselves. You're asking other people to invest more than you have. Earning and saving the money to start your business, or having to pay it back, is a huge part of what motivates the person to succeed. If they're not willing to do that, and just want to hold out their hand, there's a good chance they'll give up when they realize how much work and effort it requires.

October 31, 2016
2:36 pm
Feline Porklord
Meows: 1281
Snarking Since:
March 8, 2012

Rabid Tappings meowed 

Oh one more thing….in that long ass whiny post she twice mentions "payroll" for herself and Derp. Didn't she start this whole thing off saying she would take no money for them at all out of Kickstarter funds?

Indeed. In her first post for her kickstarter campaign she wrote:


The funds in this Kickstarter campaign will pay for the costs of designing and printing packages, shipping those packages, the costs of raw ingredients, packaging the flours, legal fees, employee salary, and research and development. Danny and I will not be receiving any of these funds as personal income. Frankly, we won't even keep enough of the money to take ourselves out to dinner to celebrate once this Kickstarter is funded."


October 31, 2016
4:22 pm
dubstepford wife
Meows: 160
Snarking Since:
April 28, 2015

And we really didn’t want to do what we realized this path would require: give up our creative passions to make this work. We didn’t want to stop cooking and writing. We didn’t want to hire a sales team, go to conferences around the country and sit in a booth and make appearances to sell the flour to a few more distributors, or take on investors to help us produce the grain-free blend, which would cost another full $50,000 to do a first run.

What did she think would happen?  That she'd sit at home eating gluten-free bon bons all day while volunteers (not employees) marketed, packaged, and sold her flour?  That Whole Foods would immediately want to stock it in every store?  That she'd be bought by Pillsbury after two weeks and would be able to retire?  

She's right though when she said she started with the national reputation.  She did.  The ironic thing about all this is that she probably could have had a fairly easy life of cooking and writing and working from home, had she not pissed away her reputation in a get-rich-quick scheme.  Lots of bloggers make their living from their blogs, she could have too.  But she blew it with the grifting, shitty customer service, and self-indulgence.  

October 31, 2016
4:29 pm
Headpat Junquie
Feline Porklord
Meows: 2257
Snarking Since:
April 13, 2012

"Payroll for ourselves."
But I thought they weren't taking a penny of the Kickstarter money?

Grifters going to grift.

October 31, 2016
4:47 pm
did the cutting in
Baroness of Ham
Meows: 265
Snarking Since:
May 27, 2014

If you pledged for our grain-free blend, we don’t have one. But there are a couple of grain-free flours and blends on the market that we like, and we would like to send a package to you. We estimate and hope that we can send them all off by late February.

I remember some other brilliant hamcat noticing this when the book first came out, but I'd like to remind everyone that their last cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl: American Classics Reinvented is available for preview on Google books.

And oh! what's this?

BOTH the regular fingernail GF flour and the grain-free blend are in the intro!
Here are the links (and screenshots) for posterity.

All-Purpose GF Flour Blend: pages 17-18
(millet flour, sweet rice flour, potato starch, same as the boxed stuff)

Grain-Free Flour Mix: pages 19-20
(sweet jebus, why is one a "blend" and one a "mix" ??)

Screenshots: (on Imgur)
- page 17
- page 18
- page 19
- page 20
- all 4 on one page

October 31, 2016
4:54 pm
flea circus
Baroness of Ham
Meows: 234
Snarking Since:
July 19, 2014

Food Of the Proletariat meowed
I think it's more likely that she is facing some legal action, rather than her wanting to clear her conscience. I thought she was going to do a special batch of the grain-free flour for the grain-free backers? But that probably won't fly so she's going to buy someone else's grain-free flour and ship it off to those folks…?

Also, most two-parent households (yes, with young children) have two FULL TIME working adults. Even if they want to live the yesly islandly hippie lifestyle, they might want to think about putting some money away for those kids' educations.

I agree with you. She wrote all of that to try to do damage control.   Which if she's being sued, will do nothing.  Much like her for the past two years. 

October 31, 2016
6:33 pm

Christmas in October! The schadenfreude is sweet. 

Yes, her total inability to take responsibility for grifting her followers out of 92k is enraging, but what I get from that ridiculous self-pitying update is Shauna is finally forced to admit her crafted image is a sham. For years she made herself out to be this gluten free guru living on her perfect island living the perfect life. She made it sound like she hung out with celebrities and she mocked those working boring office jobs for not being yesly enough. She was rude and condescending to anyone she didn't consider worth her time.

Now she has to come clean and admit that their flour business is a failure, they wasted all the money that was given to them, good friends jumped ship when they got tired of being used as scapegoats, and now she and Danny are forced to work regular jobs like 99.9% of the population to make ends meet.

It must be a truly stunning blow to a narcissist who has spent years fancying herself the queen of gluten free bloggers and looking down on the poor dumb rabble. 

I hope that for the sake of their children Shauna and Danny are able to pull their lives together. I also hope to hell they stop trying to grift people anymore with their dumb scams. Face it Shauna, your time in the blogger limelight is over and you're what you despised most, just another regular Joe in the masses.

October 31, 2016
8:54 pm

Like most of what y'all have already said: her grifting finally caught up with her. When I think about that whiny-ass post, I'll I can think is $92K. Fleecing money knowingly and then making excuses for why it didn't work. And then those headpats from fan girls????


She just keeps on expecting things to pan out with little to no effort from her because she had some marginal success being at the right place at the right time. She's Gluten Free Gir! She's a James Beard Award Winner!!

Now, she and Danny have to face Real Life: jobs you hate to pay for bills you have.

Their situation is just sad. And she engineered it all on the premise of the success she did have along with the possibilities she didn't and/or squandered.

And hubris kept her from recognizing her flaws, which were many.

October 31, 2016
9:24 pm
Baby Cakes

Everyone makes mistakes. But a mature adult apologizes and does their best to make it right. They don't write 10,000 words screeds making every excuse under the sun for their failings.


I'm not totally against Kickstarter. But I noticed that those who have delivered on their promises also tend to be people capable of feeling shame. Shauna clearly is not.

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