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Stranger things ?
November 15, 2017
11:25 am
Feline Porklord
Meows: 4400
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June 9, 2015

Snark123 meowed
My brother and sister were watching Season 2 this past weeken (they're 19 and 11 respectively) and all their commentary and general enthusiasm made me decide to give it a try. Im still in early season 1 but so far so good. I really like the whole 80's vibe and the nod to pop culture at that time. Will see how it goes. Im not wowed or anything but it's been pretty enjoyable thus far.

I think that is it for me. 

As a child of the 80's it's everything I loved about my favorite childhood movies. 

ET, Goonies, Stand by me, etc

November 27, 2017
4:48 am
Meows: 130
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October 5, 2016

I like it. It's not the best ever, but overall it's enjoyable and I will continue to watch.
Episode 7 was terrible, I was annoyed with the cliches. Use your anger to move the train, Jane!! Changing her appearance, El playing pretend guitar in the van, something SO out of her character, but most of all, that gas station scene made me want to skip right to the next episode. I can't sympathize with hurting innocent characters over nothing. They rob people after they kill them, surely they had 30$ for the food.
I just thought it was so out of the tone and vibe of the show, not to mention completely unneccesary. reaction

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