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Nancybratt Kelly
October 6, 2012
8:47 am

I'm a GOMI regular, but I have re-registered just to post this. If you disagree with these people they hunt you down! 

Is anyone familiar with Nanny? 

She's been around for years. Her story is that she has an eating disorder, and she's dying from complications. She's been dying for what… I think over 5 years now. That was before she decided she didn't want to die. Unsure if current status is 'dying'.

Her whole life and that of her family revolve around her being sick. She constantly talks about medical procedures, about pain, etc. 

She hasn't actually eaten in years and years apparently. She's been fed via TPN and nasogastric tube. She has chrohns disease and gastroparesis. 

She drinks huge coffees and diet cokes constantly. I don't know much about those diseases but I do know that coffee and coke are huge triggers. 

She goes to Burger King or Starbucks every single day… for a coffee? They seem to live there. For someone with an eating disorder, who supposedly doesn't eat, that makes me give her the sideeye.

recently she was told to improve her nutrition for an operation to remove her colon. So she started trying to have 3 cans of jevity a day… and I'm like WTF? She's been fed via TPN for years, and then fed via NJ tube for what, a year at least now? And all of a sudden she's saying she's struggling to have 3 cans. 3 cans wouldn't sustain a newly admitted anorexic on an ED ward. So what has she been putting through her tube to keep her sustained if she suddenly can't tolerate 3 cans of feed through it? Per DAY. 

She's never been emaciated much as she talks about it. She's always been this weight. 

In recent months she's talked much of her 'relapse' with the ED. Her weight hasn't changed. Apparently she's not eaten at all in all that time still – she is tube fed. So, if relapsing means she's bingeing and purging again…. she eats. So why claim to never eat? And is it wise to go to Burger King and Starbucks every damn day? Why all the fuss over 3 cans of feed through her tube per day? 

She's been busted wearing oxygen prongs that attach to NOTHING. 

She and her family always schill for donations. They originally had a donation button, but took it down after a few too many people WTF but they still get them. And they still passively aggressively ask for them. With the recent surgery, Nanny said that her mother wanted to stay near the hospital. She would have to sleep in her car if someone didn't pay for a hotel for her. Someone offered to pay for the comfort inn, and they rejected that because it was only 1 star. And they had a whole YEAR to plan for this and save money for it! 

People have sent money, gifts, clothing, computer games, TVs, a 'last trip to the ocean' etc etc etc. Whenever they want something, they just hint on how nice it would be to have X, of course they can't afford it, and it is so sad that Nanny can't enjoy it being so close to death, but the Lord will provide…

In photos when she was on TPN, which was fed through a PICC line, every single photo featured the PICC site, uncovered, undressed, and in filthy situations – dog licking her, dirty (VERY dirty) house, etc. She was constantly getting infections, predictably. 

There's always some drama. Some crisis.

They are always trying to CONVINCE surgeons to operate. If you need it, why convince them? They'll do it. 

This latest surgery, she kicked a fuss because she wanted a SINGLE room. She's been bedridden for years and yet only needs a partial assist after her surgery. And don't forget all the photos of her out and about and the constant trips to Burger King and Starbucks. 

Nanny is sick, but an eating disorder isn't her problem. I think she has munchausens disorder. And I think she's narcissistic (OMG the photos. Ten million on every post, Nanny and ___, Nanny and ___, the whole world revolves around her)


October 6, 2012
9:14 am
Moose Knuckle

ew. That's depressing. 

October 6, 2012
10:46 pm

"We are at the Quality Inn.  I have Mom 2 nights paid for. I am hoping that someone would possibly come through for her other 2 nights since I likely wont go home until Monday.. I feel so bad for asking. please forgive me. Otherwise she sleeps on  a couch in the family waiting area. I want to thank Char and Darrin for the 1st 2 nights. PLEASE dont get mad at me for asking. I am so sorry to be asking this of ANYONE. Its just I dont have it and I cant see Mom sleeping on a hard couch in th ewaiting room. If you cant,do nOT worry. God will provide, whatever that may include. Please dont be mad at me"


I do not like this lady. Or her blog. Or the picture she posted of a giant, infected-looking piece of her intestine poking through her skin.


Quick, someone find me a smiley LDS with perfect hair to cleanse my palate….

October 7, 2012
4:02 am

Okay, I just realised in this photo I chose to illustrate this thread with.. she's just had her operation to get a colostomy bag, right? And she said:

I will be unable to drink anything until the bag "fills" up.  Yes the will give me IV's and I can have ice chips to keep from getting a cotton mouth. Jenny nor Mom will not eat in front of me, and instead will eat at the cafeteria during the day. Jenny will stay on a cot for the overnights stays. I am taking my brothers laptop so I will have internet access. Thats a plus!!! I feel better when she's with me, just as she feels safer being with me. We are just a pair of goofballs who cant be away from one another for an extended period on time.

So. Do you notice anything about the picture?

Anything at all? With a straw? Called Cranberry juice? Bear in mind this is right after the surgery and her bag has NOT filled up (from the graphic pictures we got to enjoy of it.) 

This is just yet another example of the constant contradictions..

October 7, 2012
4:50 am

Please can someone pay for our accomodation? Because we had a whole year to save up for it and didn't? 


I'm hoping my Mom can stay by my side like we want her to and she wants to. 2 hours is a long drive.  She said she may have to take a trip home to get her check, but I ask that will you please pray she has a safe trip back and forth that day? She will probably end up asking the nurses if she could stay in the hospital room with me and Jenny. Even tho I dont know where she will sleep lol. The floor hardly feels comfy to lay on all night. Needless to say, we need your prayers that we can stick this together.


We will be staying at the Comfort Inn in Seattle INSTEAD of Virginia Inn on Wednsday night(it was cheaper). Mom will also be there while I remain in the hospital. Its going to take all I have, but I dont want her to worry about sleeping in her car. The good thing about the Comfort inn is that they provide a shuttle so she doesnt have to worry about the 15 minute ride. I will purchase her room for the nights that are uncovered, even tho it puts me in a difficult spot. But right now, that is how it stands and I will have to deal with the money issue on my own. its only money right? How dare it try and interfere. Its just a green peice of paper and some have more of it than others.I dont care really.


We are at the Quality Inn.  I have Mom 2 nights paid for. I am hoping that someone would possibly come through for her other 2 nights since I likely wont go home until Monday.. I feel so bad for asking. please forgive me. Otherwise she sleeps on  a couch in the family waiting area. I want to thank Char and Darrin for the 1st 2 nights. PLEASE dont get mad at me for asking. I am so sorry to be asking this of ANYONE. Its just I dont have it and I cant see Mom sleeping on a hard couch in th ewaiting room. If you cant,do nOT worry. God will provide, whatever that may include. Please dont be mad at me


Anyways, I am praying someone sees this and is able to help. For now I am really tired and cold. Our number here is1-206-728-7666. We are in 215. Please?
It also looks like I wont be getting a private room. I only have a 50/50 chance of getting a room of my own regardless of the sensitive nature and panic and Anxiety. i cant believe they gave Virginia Mason such a high score. It just seems to me its best if ALL patiients can have thier own rooms so that their is the privacy of hte patient and family.
I guess thats it for now. The hospital number is 1-206223-6600. I should be at my room at the afternoon hours when I am out of recovery adn miserable. If youasked me if I still wanted this, it would have to be yes. I need to get better. I'll update on photos as soon as I can


Her mum was offered being able to stay at a friend's home for the entire time – free. They rejected it in a very ungrateful IMO way:

@cheshirecat1 - You are AS CONFUSED as we were. Darrin and Char paid for night number 1 at the Virginia Mason INn. We will have a Suite. Then, if Mom is approved, she can stay at the Baronness through the Sweet Charity. If by chance we get a no, then Mom will spend her time at Yollys home(which she really doesnt want to do). She wants to be acrossed the street just in case something happens. We dont know Yollly, but she offered her apartment from the 7th on  if I am still in the hospital. She will be 20 minutes away.  We have one night at the suite and the 4th-7th uncovered. Mom will stay in her car if she has to she said. Does that make more sense? Because Yolly is off on the 7th and has an extra room

PS I deleted the rude comment about us taking rooms from children that I had to delete early so I deleted the name of the charity and the name of the hotel just to satisfy them. They can  know mom will be in her car if the foundation is unable to give Mom a room acrossed the street.

October 7, 2012
7:04 am
SpongeQuirk Squarepants
Count de Meowmy
Meows: 606
Snarking Since:
April 14, 2012

I might be wrong here, but she's a 40-something woman I think? Clearly she has myriad issues, but why does she need her mother with her 24/7? Why are the choices only: 1. sleep in the car, 2. someone pay for a room, and not 3. Mum goes home and just finds the funds to visit when she can/stay in touch by phone?

She already has her daughter (?) staying with her in the hospital, how much support does she really need? It's all a bit narcissistic, regardless of the the medical issues. As above she was incredibly ungracious to the person who offered their place up, which makes you think that something's worth having if there's loads of drama associated with it.

The charities/generous interwebz benefactors should be paying for rooms for people with young children or teenagers in my opinion, not this peculiar individual…

October 7, 2012
10:13 am
Meows: 53
Snarking Since:
November 14, 2011

I'm a native New Yorker whom has seen and been around a lot of cray, so I just have to say that this family scares me. The level of denial and entitlement is awe inspiring. I'm not going to go into everything I find wrong about all of this, it has all been said above, but as someone who has a job, insurance, a certain level of financial security, blah blah blah you know what I mean, I wouldn't expect to have a private hospital room– unless I was willing to pay through the nose!

October 7, 2012
7:32 pm

…… I'm gobsmacked by this family too. 

I'm struggling to understand things like

- is all this for the internet, or do they put on all this fakery and stuff for the real life people around them too? Wellokay I can answer my own Q there. Obviously they do. I can imagine many changes of treatment people as they become disillusioned or just burn out on the sheer deception and crazy. There's one particular person in my real life who is like this. Everything out of her mouth is a wild lie and I mean wild. She's had nine heart attacks, a heart transplant, a pacemaker, she's escaped two cults, she's being stalked by her dad. Who stabbed her to death as a child. etc. You get the picture. She's also been through just about every hospital – public and private – in the state and moves around changing her name in order to try and get more medical care after she's been 'outed' and flagged as a fake at the last place. 

- Is Nancybratt the one initiating all this? And the family revolving around her at her beck and call? Or is it something more sinister, the family keeping Nancybratt 'sick'… or a mix of both? And how could I say 'more sinister' this is bloody freaking scary. 

- WHY? I don't get it. someone explain please? Why do people like this go to so much trouble and deception? Why? yikes

October 9, 2012
1:21 am

Arggh. So predictable. Complications. But she can't make up her mind what complications – One family member says hematoma (on facebook) that could burst!! The other family member says it could be a bowel obstruction or something… except that Nanny has been filling her new colostomy bag actually much earlier than expected considering she's not been able to go for years. 


October 9, 2012
3:26 pm

You said they'll hunt you down if you disagree w/ them…elaborate?


I'm curious as to if it's them trying to keep their scam going or if they're all just nuts and think that it's all real and the haters are meanies.

October 12, 2012
6:36 am

GracieJane said
You said they'll hunt you down if you disagree w/ them…elaborate?


I'm curious as to if it's them trying to keep their scam going or if they're all just nuts and think that it's all real and the haters are meanies.

Hi sorry, they haven't hunted me personally down. But I came to know of them (a few years ago now) through a couple of friends who HAVE been very seriously harassed by Nancy's family and friends because they dared to ask some pretty pointed questions, or point out things that didn't add up. These friends were thankfully not close geographically – I hate to think what would have happened if they were. It was apparently death threats etc. 


I don't know about if they think it's real. I doubt it. I really doubt it. Especially with them not being able to keep their stories straight when it comes to some updates where Jenny and Nancy's mother post on her behalf at the same time on different media – Xanga and Facebook – and their stories don't match at all. 

October 12, 2012
6:38 am

Updates time! We predicted that there would be complications (of course) drool


Emergancy Update.

This is Jenny again, Nanny began throwing up more today. They ran some more tests and discovered her intestines are kincked, The doctor's have no idea how to fix this and say this could very well Kill her. We have no idea what's going on nor what they plan to do.

I don't want to lose my Nanny..

I pulled one of the nurses aside and demanded more information, they are hoping that over time it would un-kink its self and if it does not she will get even sicker. She has a Kathader (I do not know how to spell that) in the bag to help but so far it has only worked a little. They are putting her on different kind's of medicine to try and keep her from throwing up and reducing pain. Since she cannot eat nor drink and can't hold down anything by mouth all her meds are given by tube and I.V They might put the tube back into her nose only thicker to help her not throw up anymore. They do not think we will get out any time soon, maybe next week but they are not sure. They say that if the Kink gets healed or better then they might discuss a discharge date.

October 12, 2012
6:39 am

And on Facebook (the above is Xanga)

Hey every one, this is Jenny. Nanny is very very sick right now. She is so sick she cant even talk much and throws up black stuff. They had the surgeons form the E.R Come up after they took x-rays and run blood tests and found a growth on her stomach. They called it a Sub Hermal Hematoma. Meaning she has internal bleeding. If it grows anymore they will do immediate surgery, for now they are monitering it. She will not be home for at least a few more days.

We need your prayers.

Nancybratt Kelly
Wednesday (10th)
Hey everyone. I miss you. I miss my home. I msis my family and my dogs. But I cant come home yet. Not untilt hey can get me fixed. I have a serious Illeyous that had a slight chance of happening as does with every surgery. I just so happened that it was my turn then. My stomach is extremely destented and bruised asll over and I cannot tell you how much I regret allowing this surgery to happen. Mom went home today :0( but will come back on friday t ostay with us again. I do not feel good at all but was read y to coem check in and thank you for all your prayers and thoguths. I love you


Okay. So is it a kink, or is it a sub hermal hematoma??? Plus, a hematoma is NOT a growth. It's a 'bruise'. 


A nurse friend's comment:

The tube in the nose that Jenny is talking about is routine for any sort of surgery on the GI tract here in Australia to prevent vomiting which can cause all sorts of complications such as bleeding, causing a haematoma, a technical name for a bruise. It's NOT A GROWTH. And many other things. Yet Nancy never had one from the moment she woke up. Now that's the surgeons cock up.
The 'Kathader' which is actually a urinary cathater so she doesn't have to get up to pee so it is doing nothing for her intestines but helping her pain.
If the intestines are kinked then they go back in, open her up, pull all the intestines out and put them all back in. They don't just ignore it and hope that it will somehow un-kink itself. When a bowel is kinked faeces builds up causing pain. we all Nancy has no pain tolerance at all. A splinter is an ER visit with a shot of Diludid for her and a never ending story but this would be causing a lot of pain. It is causing so much preasure. Think about a sausage and bending that in half. That's what has happened.
Interesting how Jenny talks about how Nancy still can not have anything orally yet she still had that drink of cranberry juice the first day.

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