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Freckled Fox Can Recreate That Photoshoot

Emily Meyers, “writer”, did a new family photoshoot that looks an awful lot like a previous photoshoot.

In what is apparently their continuing mission to replace Martin memories with Dickbraid memories, the pair headed out to a desolate field for yet another “#foxfamily” photoshoot. Unfortunately the resulting images have a strange deja vu feel.

Compare Emily and Richard’s oh-so-loving pose:

Photo removed because Roxana Baker, an alleged ‘photographer’ who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of Fair Use, has threatened to sue me. You can click here to see the photo on her website.

…with this nearly identical picture from a 2016 Emily and Martin photoshoot.

Um…this is either a massive coincidence, a fabulous lack of creativity, or yet another episode of Martin Has Been Replaced And Don’t You Forget It.

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