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Freckled Fox Confirms The Rumor

Confirming information revealed days ago on, Emily Meyers (of Freckled Fox fame) has announced she is pregnant with her gun-toting man bunned replacement husband Richard.

This seems like a really great idea. Since they apparently can’t even manage to keep a dog alive I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

  1. couchpotatochip

    Yikes. I hope Richard gets a job. I think Emily seems like a sweet person but I don't trust him. Grow up, dude.

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  2. MrG

    He'll never work again. This baby cements his stay in the home permanently and also elicit control over HIS wife and HIS family (adopted and taking HIS name).

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    • wittyname

      He adopted the kids? I don't follow FF unless it's on the front page. OMG how insensitive to the kids.

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      • Snarknado

        Don't think he has legally adopted them.
        Also, what happened to the Nope button?

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  3. Candace Started the Fire

    When Dumb Becomes Dangerous: The Freckled Fox Story

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  4. Trainwreck Married to a Dumpster Fire

    This makes me so f*cking sad. This is deeply saddening; I'm speechless.

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  5. EmLaur

    Oh no. Now she's truly trapped with him. Something about this makes me feel sad.

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  6. Feckless Fox

    Jesus. Did they actually conceive right around the 1-year anniversary of Martin's death? How did Emily ever find the strength to have "let's make a baby" sex through all her grief-filled crocodile tears?

    What a gigantic "Eff you!" to Martin from Richard. From both of them.

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    • blissfulignorance

      yep, the way i calculate it, they must have home from getting Dicks brace removed from his gunshot surgery and Emily turns to him and says "oh darling, youre so reckless and dangerous, put a baby in me NOW

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  7. Whyjustwhy

    That dude is SUCH a predator. Poor children and poor Martin's family. His legacy is being erased and rewritten. Sad.

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  8. Heather Chandler

    Those kids will have Dick's last name by the new year. f**k those two so hard.

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  9. LifeHappens

    This is how I see it going down - FF got so much bad press about getting married so quickly that even though wolf dude wanted a baby ASAP she kept putting him off and telling him not until after the one year anniversary. More bad press will kill the blog and our income. The minute they hit the 1 yr anniversary of Martin's death it was CONCEIVE NOW! No more waiting, no more stalling, we must conceive now and give bun gun a spawn. Emily, being a fertile one, conceived very quickly. I don't think the fact that she conceived during the month of Martin's 1 yr anniversary is coincidence.
    I hope the baby is healthy and I'm sure it will be loved, but it sure is being born to two parents that will not have its best interests at heart.

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  10. lulu3

    This makes me so sad

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  11. tweecronut

    Sigh. I can't even hate-read about this trainwreck anymore. It just makes me too sad for all of those poor kids. They deserve so much better. And seriously, screw Emily and Richard both for being selfish and irresponsible and devastatingly disrespectful of Martin and everyone who loved him.

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  12. katwoman92


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  13. KipDynamite

    I don't regularly follow her, so I legit thought the rumor was that she finally came to her senses and divorced him. Ooo. Nvm. Thst poor child.

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