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Freckled Fox Getting ‘Better Every Day’ Since Three Days Ago

Emily, who underwent surgery for a gunshot wound three days ago, says her knee is “pretty painful to move right now” but it has “been getting better every day”.

In today’s instagram update she shared a (presumably old) photo of her knees around a bicycle, gushing about how she can’t wait to be back out there in a couple of weeks.

We had another snowfall today, but you can bet that as soon as this batch melts we’ll be back at our evening family bike rides together…The first day of Spring is just two weeks away!

She says she “might be IN the bucket instead of riding if my knee hasn’t improved by then” because gunshot knee surgery will totally probably be fixed up within 14 days. But maybe not. LOL bucket rides!

And for all you bullies worrying about this whole situation, Emily wants you to know that “for someone to get so angry and riled up by strangers on the internet that their own insecurities are coming out”.

  1. Wolfdick VonFunGun

    Aaannnd now she’s hosting a fashion show THIS Saturday.

    • Authentic Family Journeyman

      Nominating this for best Username

      • Wolfdick VonFunGun

        Thank you sir. And whomever ‘noped’ this can eat my man bun.

        • Severus Snark

          There isn’t a nope button strong enough for the thought of that greasy bun near my face or mouth.

  2. Garvins Sequin Dress

    Is this an attempt at deflecting? Because I don’t think anyone is going to forget about her being shot anytime soon.

    • Res ipsa loquitur

      No, I would imagine this is going to be Internet fodder for several years to come. At least.

  3. sadden the cheered

    w t f

  4. Other Mother

    What in the ever loving f**k with those hashtags on that IG pic?

    #widowhood #cancereffect #nothingisordinary #thatsdarling #momlife #humaneffect #music #namaste #babywearing #homebirth #hairtutorial #light #love #livefolk #justkeepswimming


    And plus also, you forgot, #shotbymyhusband

    • Sweetie Darling

      I really have an issue with the #widowhood. I know it’s one of those clubs no one wants to join, etc, and remarrying doesn’t change the fact that she was once widowed *but* FFS she was married to GunBun in 84 days. Her use of that tag strikes me as exploitative.

      • Feckless Fox

        Co-signed. “I was widowed for a whole 84 days!”


    • Fancy Eleganza

      It’s like My Three Angles, but in real life.

  5. JJ

    She got SHOT by her husband. I still can’t get past that. Yet she’s moved on to bike rides and fashion shows. WTF??

    • irritated

      Sounds like your insecurities coming out to me.

      • sparkletits

        I laughed out loud at this comment on the quiet floor of my university library. Now I am getting death glares because it’s midterms week. Worth it.

  6. Sweatpants GunBun

    And 3 posts on Insta / FB today alone, she is just trying to bury the shooting “accident’ by creating a bunch more posts over it. #neverforget

  7. A Leader in this community.

    LOL Bucket Rides! Would be a great username.

  8. BulletWoundsForBucketRides

    Just been a happy lurker, nodding and wtf-ing along with everyone, but I honestly am just baffled by anything she does anymore. Maybe it’s just me, but I just can’t see how being grateful and relieved that something didn’t end up as TRAGIC as it could have been translates into an “Ooops, tee-hee, silly us, we feel foolish!” kind of reaction. Just the very thought of a firearm discharging within the proximity of my child makes my blood run cold and should (in my opinion) be a SOBERING reaction.

    FF: “Yes Richard feels so awful, but he also might never regain full function in his arm or hand.”

    “Yes Richard feels so awful, and he has vowed to NEVER put anyone, especially himself, me and above all MY CHILDREN in a dangerous situation such as this ever again by respecting the safe handling, cleaning and storage of firearms.” I fixed that for you, FF, because no one gives a rat’s ass that he now has to deal with a consequence that is such a small price to pay compared to, oh say, having taken an actual life, which was all a direct result of his own negligent actions.

    • Wolfdick VonFunGun

      Omg this username.

    • boombalatty

      And all the more reason for him to avoid getting a job.

    • Severus Snark

      I still don’t know why “We will be removing guns from the house” hasn’t been said. It’s the easiest, most logical bandaid and would be the only way to bolster their credibility. It would be exactly what I’d think people watching this near-tragedy happen so “accidentally” would do.

      Richard posts suicidal MySpace memes and they’re claiming it’s just a hobby. How hasn’t that been the easiest resolution to make while the dust settles and the story is recreated? He doesn’t even have to give up the shitty hobby he seems to have zero experience or interest in. They could just be stored at the range, but how easy would it be to flat-out quit the gun-related activities, if even for a short while? Especially if you’re freaking out about your blog persona/career/parenting looking bad? You could even lie about it, really. They’ve both proved they have zero qualms with lying.

      No shitty hobby (that it sounds like he picked up because Martin had left the equipment) is worth nearly killing your kids and ruining your precious Kinfolk facade. Just get rid of them. Richard can shove his bullshit need to have tantrum props, especially if he intentionally keeps them around for this reason. It clearly isn’t because he’s into shooting as a sport and it’s f**king sick to keep those babies in danger to sustain maximum impact of future hissy fits.

      Hell, I don’t care if he’s an Olympic shooter who once shot for charity. He’s lost that privilege. He’s using them to intimidate and there should be ZERO consideration for giving him access to one ever again. f**k his intentions or interests all together. He forfeited his right to be considered by never finding those around him worth the same.

      • One-handed manbun

        Someone might want to remind her that you can’t replace a child like you can replace a dead husband.

  9. sundae

    Holy. f**king, Shit.

  10. What is ACLU?

    Homegirl thinks the internet forgets?! Forgets that the new husband, of which you married when your #funeralglamourshots barely hit your blog, shot you in the same home where all 5 of your children were enjoying some #sponsoredpizza?


  11. Meg

    Wish I could come up with a better user name. *lazysigh* anyways, the only time I’ve ever commented on Gomi was over a FF fiasco a couple years ago… and once again I am just incredibly stunned at this woman’s life that I can’t keep it in. Like honestly, GET OFF THE INTERNET. It must be exhausting always trying to explain bizarre things happening in your life. But then maybe the attention is exhilarating…? I won’t make any public assumptions about her life and tragedies and choices, but girl, all these incidences being broadcast for the world to see and judge (because yes, when posts are tone deaf and vague, people will judge) is too much. Too freakin much. Her life is beyond shocking to me, and I thought we were already shocked enough by FF.

    • not how any of this works.

      I should get over this by now but I still, STILL don’t understand why she feels the need to justify everything to everyone (insecure FTW) and brushes over anything bad. Maybe post about gun safety. Or if I were her I’d be posting drugged up selfies with my knee cast (or whatever) but….gotta live that perfect IG life I guess.

  12. Blueskies

    The family of her deceased husband must be beside themselves. I wonder if Utah is a state that gives grandparents the right to seek visitation with the grandchildren if one of the parents dies.

  13. iovershare

    What’s sad about this whole situation is that it would be a great time to give a PSA about gun safety but she’s acting glib and unaffected, like she accidentally tripped and fell on a Lego.