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Freckled Fox Is Having A Ladycub

Emily Meyers, who just returned from her romantic Cruise to Zika-ville honeymoon, has announced the love bullet her Replacement Husband shot into her womb is a girl.

The news comes amid speculation as to the absence of husband Richard since their return from their classy floating hotel trip. There isn’t even any mention of him in her blog post, just a generic ‘this baby is loved’ sentence.

This little lady is so whole-heartedly loved and anticipated, and seeing the kids’ happiness grow all the time is such a blessing.

His instagram also seems to have stalled out. Could it be Facepubes McManbun has finally decided to quietly retreat from her ‘brand’ for a while?

  1. Grey Duck

    And here I thought that marrying a guy with the maturity of an 8th grade boy was the worst thing she could do… Nope! Having baby #6 (with a man she married not quite 3 months after her late husband died) with CornRowsMcGunBun definitely takes the cake. Who wants to bet on whether or not they’ll “keep going” until ‘he gets a boy’?! You know, because he really wants to make her happy with love and a shitload of orgasms.

    t’s not about him, you guys...

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  2. Carmack Cornrows from a Carnival Cruise

    This poor child. I'd be mortified if Warrior of Truth-Sulking Rasputin-Greasy Barnacle-GunBun-Samurai Wannabe-Richard was my father.

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  3. dickles mctickles

    "the love bullet her Replacement Husband shot into her womb"

    This line is gold. I actually laughed out loud.

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  4. weekly crafty

    "Love bullet"

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  5. People Pleaser!

    I wish she would retire the word "sweet" from her vocabulary, or at least from her public posts. Too much treacle around there. Fun Gun Bun does provide spice for comment, hope he doesnt GOMI. That is, unless she kicks him to the curb outta her life. Then he can GOMI.

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  6. smartcookie

    I hate that she says 'all you smarties' because they guessed she was having a girl. There are only two options, so congrats to the geniuses that guessed correctly with a 50/50 chance. She's a moron.

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