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Freckled Fox Reportedly Shot By New Husband

Emily, the Remarry Widow, underwent surgery today.

She announced on instagram this morning that “my knee was injured yesterday and I am about to go into surgery today”. The post came after local television news ran a story about an accidental shooting – featuring video and pictures that looked suspiciously like New Husband and Fox.

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A couple spent Friday evening in the hospital after the husband accidentally shot himself and his wife while he cleaned his gun. The bullet hit him in the arm and his wife in the leg.

Recently Emily posted about a “challenging couple of weeks” and explained the removal of some blog content created by her new husband by saying “there were some issues arising and we thought it best to pull it back for now”.

Freckled Fox’s instagram account says only that there was “a sad accident but I’ll update soon”. In the meantime her readers are discussing the incident on her facebook page, with Freckled Fox’s FB account telling commenters “if you make assumptions about my life based on little snippets on Instagram and my blog etc then you really don’t understand the internet.”

At this time Camp Fox/Carmack has released no official statement confirming or denying details of the shooting.