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Freckled Fox Reportedly Shot By New Husband

Emily, the Remarry Widow, underwent surgery today.

She announced on instagram this morning that “my knee was injured yesterday and I am about to go into surgery today”. The post came after local television news ran a story about an accidental shooting – featuring video and pictures that looked suspiciously like New Husband and Fox.

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A couple spent Friday evening in the hospital after the husband accidentally shot himself and his wife while he cleaned his gun. The bullet hit him in the arm and his wife in the leg.

Recently Emily posted about a “challenging couple of weeks” and explained the removal of some blog content created by her new husband by saying “there were some issues arising and we thought it best to pull it back for now”.

Freckled Fox’s instagram account says only that there was “a sad accident but I’ll update soon”. In the meantime her readers are discussing the incident on her facebook page, with Freckled Fox’s FB account telling commenters “if you make assumptions about my life based on little snippets on Instagram and my blog etc then you really don’t understand the internet.”

At this time Camp Fox/Carmack has released no official statement confirming or denying details of the shooting.

  1. Poverty Barn

    This is my last comment :). There are 5 little kids in that home, Wolfbun Gunslinger is a total idiot for cleaning his damn gun indoors & around others. He is a complete tool!

  2. dirty hair

    Wow. They are extremely fortunate that none of the children were hurt or killed… or that they did not suffer the tragedy of losing their mother as well. I think it’s pretty fair to make an assumption from a “snippet” of information that someone was cleaning a gun and it went off shooting themselves and another person. I don’t need the full story to know that it’s gun safety 101 to make sure the gun is not loaded before cleaning it, and that it’s very poor judgement if not outright idiocy to do so.

    I think that CPS will come check things out after a gun negligence incident with 5 young children in the home, not that it would result in any action necessarily. I’m sure Martin’s family is terrified for the children and wants custody, but it’s one of those sad situations where that type of outcome is always retroactive.

    Martin was obviously the best thing that happened to this woman because clearly he protected her from herself. I am floored by her poor judgement.

    This is a total train wreck.

    • ChickensDontLie

      I know this is a serious situation but “Martin protected her from herself” just made me LOL!

  3. Purple21

    She’s told a pretty specific story on Facebook – Richard and his friend had been out shooting in the morning, came home together and were cleaning their guns when Richard’s gun went off, hitting him in the arm and her in the knee. That’s a pretty interesting bullet trajectory, so the police will know whether it’s plausible or not.
    Saying there was a “friend” there, seems to discourage the idea of a domestic incident, because who argues violently in front of a friend? If a friend did witness this, then surely they jumped in to be quite helpful, administering first aid, calming the children and ringing for emergency services. It’s a shame she doesn’t acknowledge the friend in more detail apart from mentioning their presence.
    If she’s lying in hospital facing the fact that her new husband is a violent control freak who doesn’t want her to speak at conferences, then hopefully she has friends and family there to encourage her to consider options. Hopefully the police are keeping the happy couple separate for now, so Emily can think straight.
    It would be very rare for a supposedly happily married young woman to admit immediately to friends and strangers, “Yes, my husband is violent and controlling, and I only just realized how dangerous he was when I ended up in hospital.” Even if she can’t bring herself to leave this time, at least this has been high profile enough to have everyone watching and alert. He might decide to leave on his own.

    • Poverty Barn

      Maybe she is lying. Perhaps he had a violent outburst & shot her & himself? We will never know…..

    • Poison Envy Itch

      I totally agree with you on the bullet trajectory issue. It’s hard to imagine how the bullet struck his arm and her leg unless there was some kind of crazy ricochet action.

      Years ago my parents knew a family where one 12-year old son accidentally shot his twin brother. The boys had received guns as a Christmas present (lived on a farm) and were “playing” with them unsupervised; the parents had gone out for the evening. Beyond tragic.

      • HomeGoods Target HomeGoods Target HomeGoods

        Much as I’m not wanting to give them credit for anything…I could see it. I imagine he was likely sitting down and held it in one hand. Gun was in his hand pointing in, finger hit the trigger, went through his other arm, and (because he was sitting) happened to hit FF as she was standing nearby. Sitting down, that would mean his arm/hand/gun and her knee were at relatively the same height. So I do think this could have been a weird accident. Stupid, irresponsible, idiotic, dangerous, horrifying, life-change-wake-up-call accident…but an accident. Unfortunately, I doubt she will see this as the “wake up call” it should be.

    • dirty hair

      Yeah, that is the only scenario where I can see a “snippet” not telling the whole story, which is utterly terrifying. I really hope that is not the case. I personally get a bad gut feeling from this guy. There are a lot of red flags, and although I said I am floored by her judgement, giving it further thought, I can see how grief could cloud that and make someone more vulnerable. I have never been in an abusive relationship, however I did have a woman aggressively pursue a friendship with me, which did not register with me because I was emotionally vulnerable at the time from some other shit I was going through. Eventually I started to notice some boundary issues and pulled back. Upon review there were A LOT of red flags. Following that revelation, the woman showed herself to be a total psychopathic creep and full on stalked me and my family. I felt kind of ashamed for being so blind initially, but after finding out that she had done this to more people I realized that creeps/abusers/psychos are really good at being persuasive and specifically target people that they perceive as vulnerable and weak.

      Sadly this kind of thing (accident of cleaning a loaded gun) does happen all the time. Usually the headline starts with “Florida man…”. I don’t really see him as being stupid. He seems more crafty and opportunistic. Either scenario is not good.

  4. evil dark squirrel


  5. sadden the cheered

    I only lurk her thread now, but wasn’t she JUST pinning super questionable relationship articles on her Pinterest?

    • Sweetie Darling

      Somewhere in a comment she claimed some nonsense about preparing for her role as a counselor, or something.

  6. Lurky Lou

    How/WHY on earth would you be cleaning a gun WHILE IT’S LOADED???? Basic rule of firearm safety.

    • Donna Freedman

      Agreed! When I was 11 and my brother 9 the two of us got a .22 rifle as a joint Christmas present so we could go target shooting with our dad. The first lesson we got was, “Assume it’s loaded.”

      Lesson No. 2: Any time a rifle is handed to you the first thing you should point it at the floor, check to see if it contains a magazine and also pull back the slide so that if a bullet were there it would pop out. Do these things even if you just saw it taken apart and cleaned and therefore KNOW it’s unloaded.

      (Some 30 years later I was visiting and he showed me a new rifle he’d just bought. I took it from him, pointed it at the floor, checked the magazine — there wasn’t one — and pulled back the slide. He was pleased that the behavior had stuck with me.)

      Lesson No. 3: Never under any circumstances point it at a human being.

      Lesson No. 4: Repeat the steps from Lesson No. 2 when getting ready to clean a gun.

      I was 11 years old and knew better than to mess around with a possibly loaded firearm. How did this adult allow such goings-on at all, let alone in a home with small children?

      As for fans burbling about “accidents,” I recall what the head of my workplace health and safety committee once said: “There are no accidents. There are only preventable injuries.”

    • snooce

      I know zilch about guns…

      But I’ve always thought the “I was cleaning it and it accidentally went off” line is a standard cover for something else.

  7. *~this city~*

    Oh great, Richard’s friend was involved, so there were TWO adults neglectful enough to bring a loaded gun into a home with five small children.

  8. Snarkastic

    NBD, just here cleaning my loaded gun in a house full of children. Never mind that my wife and I between us don’t have two brain cells to rub together. Once I’m done here I’m going to go ahead and let the rattlesnakes into the kids’ bedrooms, then leave some unattended open flames in a couple of rooms. BRB!

  9. Be safe, Emily

    I follow her thread. This is terrifying. This man is preying on her and it’s going to get so much worse if someone can’t help.

  10. Be safe, Emily

    Those pins REALLY seem like a cry for help now. A cry for help that she had to publicly deny. This poor woman and her poor children.

  11. Feline Massage Therapist

    This guy has given me the creeps since her first post about him. Now this?? She’s lucky she wasn’t killed.

  12. Amused and Amazed

    Didn’t Richard have a Facebook page full of suicidal thoughts when he first arrived on her doorstep?

    I hope that this shooting is properly investigated yet she is already defending his actions.

  13. tweecronut

    Holy crap! Seeing that headline on the front page made my blood run cold. And add me to the long list of people who grew up in gun-owning households and aren’t buying the accident storyline. Something shady and very frightening is going on there, and I really wish someone would step in and get those poor kids out of that house.