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Freckled Fox Reportedly Shot By New Husband

Emily, the Remarry Widow, underwent surgery today.

She announced on instagram this morning that “my knee was injured yesterday and I am about to go into surgery today”. The post came after local television news ran a story about an accidental shooting – featuring video and pictures that looked suspiciously like New Husband and Fox.

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A couple spent Friday evening in the hospital after the husband accidentally shot himself and his wife while he cleaned his gun. The bullet hit him in the arm and his wife in the leg.

Recently Emily posted about a “challenging couple of weeks” and explained the removal of some blog content created by her new husband by saying “there were some issues arising and we thought it best to pull it back for now”.

Freckled Fox’s instagram account says only that there was “a sad accident but I’ll update soon”. In the meantime her readers are discussing the incident on her facebook page, with Freckled Fox’s FB account telling commenters “if you make assumptions about my life based on little snippets on Instagram and my blog etc then you really don’t understand the internet.”

At this time Camp Fox/Carmack has released no official statement confirming or denying details of the shooting.

  1. Let them eat cake

    She just posted something about her knee and that she was unable to go to some event. I haven’t heard about a shooting. Is she trying to cover up for the husband? Lots of ladies left some negative comments and some followers as usual are jumping in to WK her. She seems very unaffected by this. I’m confused. But then again this woman doesn’t have a clue about her life. If this is true, How dad. Because if my husband shot me, I’d have his ass in jail. Not blogging for me. How ridiculous.

  2. Yeah…this should be a “the call is coming from inside the house” moment of clarity.

    Sadly, it’ll just be more blog fodder till something heinous happens, and then we’ll get the soft-focus “but they seemed so happy” reaction stories.

  3. The comments on her FB post…”Accidents happen”

    No. Spilling your coffee cup is an accident. Cleaning a loaded firearm indoors with five small children who could get underfoot within seconds is negligence.

    • Sweetie Darling

      I just read the news article – there’s only a handful or so of comments, but at least those people seem to have a brain. Not attacking her/them but certainly not fangirling.

  4. Plussizedasfuck


  5. Billsburg

    I just read her updated Facebook page and thought it was interesting she said the gun “accidentally” went off while he was holding it. It sounds like the cleaning was over. Perhaps someone has already mentioned this but it’s interesting timing since 60 Minutes just had a piece about one model of a particular gun which has been proven to go off on it’s own with horrific, tragic results. Of course, if he had that particular gun and saw the show, that’s all the more reason not to have it, much less clean it, in a house with children in it. Would love to know if he saw the same show and has the same gun.

    • Billsburg

      Geez, what’s with the “nopes”? Yeah, I don’t know much about this guy but based on everyone’s comments about him, he seems exactly like the kind of guy who would want to sue a gun manufacturer for big, big bucks. If he as controlling and scary as your descriptions, can you imagine what he’d be like if he had a lot of money?

      • lurkin' larry

        The nopes stem from the fact that you’re leaping to a bunch of different assumptions, and they’re largely irrelevant to boot. I don’t think people are trying to be mean. 🙂

  6. Eva

    As soon as I saw her vague Instagram post about injuring her leg and, therefore, not being able to attend her speaking engagement, my first thought was, “I wonder if Richard had anything to do with this”. The fact that I thought that so quickly and as my initial thought, and the fact that so many others had/have similar thoughts/suspensions, speaks volumes. People don’t assume stuff like that about someone, unless there was already reason for concern.

    Richard hasn’t proven to be the “Knight in Shining Armor” that he tries so hard to make himself out to be and it’s incredibly obvious, even with what little they choose to show and share with the public. The dude has a bad vibe. Period. And, as horrified as I am that he had a loaded gun out in the open, in the house with all of those little kids, I can’t say that I am surprised to hear the news that he “accidentally” shot Emily. Richard’s no good and Emily needs to cut him out of her life as soon as possible, for both her and her children’s sake AND their safety.

    • Latter Day Swoles of Bratz

      It honestly was my first reaction as well. It speaks volumes when so many strangers pick up the same vibe!

    • Eva

      *suspicions, not “suspensions”…

  7. Amused and Amazed

    Whatever gun it happened to be, I would venture a guess that Richard Carmack didn’t buy it. He was an emo couch surfing no-load who couldn’t be bothered to get a job.

    He hit the jackpot after working his predatory ways into the heart of “The Freckled Fox”, where he found a sugar daddy in Emily’s late husband.

  8. gone girl cray

    ugh this is all terrible. what if it had been her kid who had walked in instead of this idiot. Also, people saying don’t say anything if you can’t say anything nice when they’re just pointing out that only a dumb ass with a gun would clean it upwards and not toward the ground. This is only going to get worse.

  9. Common sense bitch

    So the kids are staying with friends …….no family near by??

    • Shurry Beff

      FF likes to pretend she is all on her own without support from others. She’s a tragically beautiful island, y’all. Truthfully, Martin’s family lives like a mile away from her house. I sincerely hope they’re the “friends” she’s referring to.

  10. *~this city~*

    look at god!

  11. PureMichigag

    So Richard might not fully regain use of his arm/hand…if there was any chance of him ever actually getting a real job in nursing or otherwise, this will now be the go to excuse as to why he cannot.

    Hope it wasn’t his tickle arm that was injured.

    • Kate

      That’s exactly what I thought: now he can be on disability for life. And I wouldn’t doubt a Go Fund Me for medical bills is already in the works.

      also: tickle arm. Snort.

  12. rolodex of logical fallacies

    “The police have already made statements that this was definitely not ‘domestic abuse’, and gave lots of credit to Richard and his friend for their quick responses in attending to me with tourniquets and stopping Richard’s bleeding, etc.”
    (From the facebook post)

    Really do the police categorically make such statements? Bullshit.

    • GossipCat

      They wouldn’t make a statement without a full investigation. She’s full of it.

    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      Absolutely not. They are trained not to make categorical statements like that, because that is for the courts to decide should charges be filed. If they arrested him for domestic abuse, that’s their statement. If not, they do not comment on the situation in their reporting. To do so would open up the police department for a huge mess, because if there is no arrest then they just state what the situation IS without their personal opinions.

    • Lis

      Yep. the police stood there and said how much they loved Richard’s contribution to her blog and his tourniquet skills and said those exact words about domestic abuse. That’s what police do.

    • Purple21

      Imagine if the police did make stupid statements like that… those poor battered women thinking “Oh but the police investigated and said it WASN’T domestic abuse, so I must be just really paranoid, thinking he’d do it on purpose…”
      I want to cry.

  13. This is nuts

    My husband had a cousin who shot himself while “cleaning his gun.”

    This is what polite Christians say when someone kills himself.

    Just sayin