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Freckled Fox Reportedly Shot By New Husband

Emily, the Remarry Widow, underwent surgery today.

She announced on instagram this morning that “my knee was injured yesterday and I am about to go into surgery today”. The post came after local television news ran a story about an accidental shooting – featuring video and pictures that looked suspiciously like New Husband and Fox.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 7.36.09 PM

A couple spent Friday evening in the hospital after the husband accidentally shot himself and his wife while he cleaned his gun. The bullet hit him in the arm and his wife in the leg.

Recently Emily posted about a “challenging couple of weeks” and explained the removal of some blog content created by her new husband by saying “there were some issues arising and we thought it best to pull it back for now”.

Freckled Fox’s instagram account says only that there was “a sad accident but I’ll update soon”. In the meantime her readers are discussing the incident on her facebook page, with Freckled Fox’s FB account telling commenters “if you make assumptions about my life based on little snippets on Instagram and my blog etc then you really don’t understand the internet.”

At this time Camp Fox/Carmack has released no official statement confirming or denying details of the shooting.

  1. Janet Snarkhole

    Y’all know family members can’t just come in and “fight for custody,” right? I mean….they technically could but then they’d get laughed at.

    • glutenfreeloader

      +1. In order to have standing to file for custody, they would need to show that Emily has acted in contravention of her constitutional right as a parent. This is usually the case in absolute abandonment or extreme physical abuse (or sexual abuse). A gun discharging in the house is not going to be enough. In order to even seek VISITATION (not custody), there generally needs to be an ongoing custody dispute, which there isn’t because Martin is deceased. The only way those kids are going to the grandparents is if DSS (or Idaho’s version of that) PLACES the children there (which based on my experience with DSS is unlikely given that they weren’t actually harmed…the most I could see happening is a temporary placement with the grandparents to scare Emily to get rid of the guns but I don’t really see that happening).

  2. This is nuts

    It depends on the state what rights grandparents have. I know there was a case in Texas where grandparents successfully got custody of their grandkids from their daughter’s widower. That case involves charges of educational neglect iirc, but I can’t imagine its unique.

    • glutenfreeloader

      Definitely depends on the state how willing DSS/CPS would be willing to remove the children but from a non-DSS-involvement standpoint, to just sue for custody is very difficult for grandchildren because case law is clear that there is a constitutional right to have children and therefore you have to do something pretty bad (acting in contravention of that right) to lose custody to someone else (without DSS involvement). Basically, the standards are different when there is state involvement and when it’s just private citizens suing for custody. I’m not correcting you (or anyone else on this thread) this just seemed like the most logical place for my comment 🙂

      • BlissfulIgnorance

        Yes, I’m in a different country but based on things here, I would imagine that grandparents gaining custody is more a case of parents losing custody and then the state deeming the grandparents to be the next best place for the kids to go, rather than grandparents saying “she’s good, but we think we can do it better” and the courts agreeing, which is basically what happens in divorce (ie with divorce, you don’t have to be a shitty parent, they just have to be better than you for them to win custody)

  3. PureMichigag

    I imagine Emily must be in a panic over all of the negative comments, especially those she can’t control/delete (like on the news story website). The Freckled Facade is crumbling!

  4. Purple21

    Now it sounds like she only injured a magical Pinterest-style knee, not one of those weight bearing joints with cartilage.

  5. Amused and Amazed

    Maybe Snap Chat can develop a Freckled Facade filter to cover blood stains and bandages.

  6. SideEyes

    I didn’t read through all the comments but… who cleans their gun while loaded??!

  7. Kris

    Idaho has a very high rate of accidental shootings. No child was involved in this incident. She is free to marry months after being widowed. If a man lost his wife and had five kids under 6 he would be encouraged to remarry asap. Her culture harps on that kids need a mom and dad. Her culture harps on a quick marriage and sealing. Marrying months from meeting isn’t unusual. Of course the incident was reported to police. How do you think the news found out? As long as they agree to keep guns locked up, which they probably are already doing, it will be fine. The accident is from a mistake, not intent or willful negligence. Mormon mommy blogs west of the Rockies highlight that the helmet wearing, car seats, life jackets, and general safety for kids in other parts of the country is not generally practiced. His family is worried that they won’t see the kids. Completely typical. His family is also concerned she will unseal and they and their son will lose the kids in eternity. That is a church matter. You don’t lose your kids cause your spouse dies. Adults in a firearm mishap not involving minors don’t lose custody of their kids.

    • Porny LaRue

      Noping because no one is suggesting anyone should lose their kids because their spouse died- but that maybe you should if you marry a moron who shoots TWO people INSIDE the home mere steps from 5 small children/babies. If CPS can open an investigation over an anonymous phone call, they sure as hell ought to over two idiots playing shoot out in the dining room (while ignoring the EXTREMELY BASIC tenets of simple gun safety)

    • Hairy Limb Watch

      you are beyond stupid to think that cleaning a loaded gun is just an accident. It’s irresponsible gun ownership. He could have killed someone!! Don’t you understand that?! I don’t care how fast she got remairred. Remind me to never move to Idaho if this is a common mishap

    • Thumper

      I think her children became involved in “this incident” when a man they have known for 5 months shot their mother and she was carted off in an ambulance. Just the sound of the gunshot would have been loud enough to shock them, much less the blood all over the dining room.

  8. epic thigh gap

    any Idaho peeps who know what is going on now? Do tell!

  9. theanonymousmom

    What a world we live in. The internet has given a voice to SO MANY PEOPLE WHO SHOULD NEVER BE HEARD. You guys started a blog with the sole purpose of bashing people! How seriously sad your lives must be. Here’s an idea… if you don’t like these women’s blogs, DON’T LOOK AT THEM! I love how you’re all bashing these moms’/women for being imperfect and then HERE YOU ARE tearing women apart (women you don’t even know!) over everything they do. What a wonderful example you are for your children! PRAYING that none of you do have children. We don’t need more people like you in the world.

    • JHo

      Actually we need more of us. People who call out bullshit? Yeah, bring. us. on.

    • i love chili dogs


    • Porney LaRue

      Yes yes… We are evil incarnate for making fun of this woman. But the guy that just SHOT her in a house full of her children? Why, he’s a just a sweetheart gem of a lovable lad. I get it now…

    • Snarkastic


    • Severus Snark

      You really need to rethink your priorities if you look at this situation and think the people on an entirely separate site reacting with discussions of gun safety and therapy are the problem. “Getting shot by your husband near your kids is nbd–but all of you f**kers who didn’t willfully ignore it are WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE WORLD.” That came out of your mouth. That’s dumb no matter how hard you wank it to Emily’s lifestyle corn (hard, it seems). You must be proud of such a genius idea.

      Sweeping gun “accidents” under the rug is far worse than wishing a stranger would be less stupid with guns around kids. If you like her so f**king much, step up and be there for her and honest with her. If you like her so f**king much, worry about the real dangers that have sent her into surgery instead of complete strangers who think it shouldn’t have happened. You are doing her NO FAVORS by telling her this is okay and shielding her from the oh-so-heinous thought that she could and should do better.

    • brave blogging, bullshit

      As far as I know, this isn’t a blog. Thank dog.

    • FloatingKitty

      I agree! How DARE people get angry at him only *nearly* killing one of her babies? After all — he only shot Emily, and it wasn’t even fatal so no harm done.

      So, he made a mistake by cleaning a gun inside the home.
      Then he made a mistake by reloading it in a house where now mom & kids were present too.
      After that, he put one bullet in the chamber so the gun was ready to fire — we’ve all done that by accident, right?
      And finally, he accidentally pulled the trigger. Like that doesn’t happen to everyone else!

      Nope, Richard is a victim here and all his actions were mere accidents, nothing more. Nothing irresponsible and neglect about it — ANY parent normally cleans weapons inside the home, reloads them and then chambers one. We should support him and make sure he knows this is the kind of behavior we need to see more of, especially with kids! #parentinggoals

      And all that complaining about how scary it must have been for them to have their mom shot by the man who became their second daddy less then 3 months after the first one passed away. All kids should be so lucky – grieving is sad, and now they didn’t have to have any sad time at all. #soblessed

    • DickMuffin

      Here’s an idea, if you don’t like this “blog” DON’T LOOK AT IT. You don’t have to be here either.

      And know what, I do have children. And when their father died, I didn’t go out and find them a new daddy in 84 days. I put them FIRST. I respected that they couldn’t handle that. And years later when I did remarry, I found a mature, sane, adult who has never shot any of us or had a loaded–or unloaded–gun in our dining room. Or put our lives at risk in any way. So yep, I’ll sit here and judge that selfish, stupid person who realistically shouldn’t be the one procreating.

  10. Real Housewife of Idaho

    Any time I see ‘mom’ as part of a username, I feel like I know everything I need to know about that person. But please…please tell us how deplorable this site is while YOU’RE HERE TOO. #blessed

  11. Kris

    He wasn’t cleaning the gun, he was taking the gun out of his pants in order to clean it. Oh dear.