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Freckled Fox Shooting Police Report Reveals Shockingly WTF Details

The incident report of the Freckled Fox shooting has emerged, and the story seems to be a bit different than what she’s claiming on social media.

Her initial story of the event had her going into the room where her husband was cleaning a gun in order to announce dinner was ready.

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But we now know that is not the story given to police at the time of the shooting.

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According to the incident report, the friend/witness said “earlier in the day they all went out shooting and when they returned home they cleaned the firearms they had been shooting”. The officer “observed several firearms and firearm cleaning supplies on the kitchen table” including a rifle which the officer had to clear. Evidently Richard the Replacement Husband had pulled a Glock “from inside his waistband” and it discharged.

According to the witness, this happened because “Richard didn’t respect the gun”.