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Freckled Fox Will Road Trip While Facing Imminent Childbirth

With like 30 minutes left before the birth of her replacement husband’s Wolfbaby, Emily Meyers has embarked on a ’40 hour road trip’ with ‘no destination in mind’.

Replacement Husband promptly set up the tripod and made a series of exasperated faces while he explained that they had to take a road trip before the baby arrives.

the face of a man thrilled at saying the words ‘the baby’

Then they continued on, sharing pictures of…stuff. Ya know, mountains and fields, boring road trip crap. Finally they show a hotel room with two beds – one with what looks like 85 kids crammed into it, the other bed presumably for The Wolfmeister General and his brood mare.

Seriously, isn’t she about 9 months pregnant? With her sixth child? I thought after 3 or 4 kids those suckers basically just fly out in a matter of seconds. I hope they have a roadside birth plan in place in case Emily gets shot in the leg with a totally different kind of projectile.

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