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Freckled Fox Will Share Her Family Holiday Cards

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Emily, untouchable internet saint, has been hard at work getting her family/lifestyle blogging back on track. Since installing Replacement Huswolf she has made many attempts to show she has moved on from the loss of her first husband. Now she defies all laws of good taste by presenting her 2016 “family holiday cards” – in a sponsored post, no less.

I was looking forward to the traditional family card of course, but then because we’ve had many friends ask for photos of Richard and I, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to order some newlywed/marriage announcement cards as well. I’m beyond happy with how they turned out, and I love having something to help our favorite people share in our exciting new chapter.


She then raves about how awesome her sponsor is and what great quality the cards are before concluding with a thank your to the photographer and asking “Can I get a high-five? haha” for getting her holiday cards out in mid-November.

  1. snark-a-lark

    Does that happen... people asking for photos of couples? In my world it doesn't, but YMMV.

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    • LaverneandHurling

      Yeah...I'm so sure people were just begging for pictures of them. No, that did not happen.

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    • i love chili dogs

      If anybody is actually asking, it is probably because they can't believe she is actually remarried already. Pics or it didn't happen.

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    • glutenfreeloader

      umm no that's what Facebook is for (and email). Not buying it.

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    • BlueSun

      In Mormon culture? It's possible. My Mormon side of the family maintained this weird, password protected website for like ten years, with updates about their (almost all adult) children, updated pictures of the house they were building, minute details of daily life, etc. And this was way before the current blogging phenomenon. They just assumed everyone wanted to know all this stuff about their lives and their children's lives and their foreign exchange student's lives and ...

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  2. heatherdubrow

    So many things wrong with this card, but the biggest offense is the man bun. His man bun screams mountain wolf to me, and they aren't smiling, and the kids are not in it, and... grrr.

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    • LaverneandHurling

      If you look at the original post there are pics with the kids (where he has stepped intonew Dad role it seems), but yeah, I'm with you on everything else.

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  3. Weight of White Privilege

    Me. Richard and me.

    Carry on.

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    • Near Naked Nether Region

      You beat me to it!!!!!

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    • Eastshore

      Yeah, I don't know what's more annoying - the "Richard and I" or the greasy man bun.

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  4. notfunnyhaha

    Her husband f***ing died THIS summer. Like less than 6 months ago. She's a f***ing terrible person.

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    • dr whom

      My late husband died in April of 2007.
      That Christmas-8 months later-I hung a black wreath on my door and that was that.
      Because, MOURNING!
      How on Earth could she do this to her late husband's family? How?
      I know this kind of grief first hand. Widdas will say everyone has their own timeline for grief, etc etc.
      I get that. I do.
      But JHC on a cracker, she has kids/extended family that will be sad beyond words at X-mas this year-and for many more to come. Have some decorum! Have some common sense! She is on the crash and burn trail, and it will be SO ugly when all this starts to turn to ash. Her poor, poor kids. His poor, poor family. She is a disgusting maggot.

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      • snarkaceratops

        My husband died in early 2009 and the thought of being remarried makes me feel vaguely ill and heartsick. Granted, we were best friends from age five, started dating at 14, married at 18, and he died in Afghanistan just shy of 20, so I don't know how to be with anyone else, but damn. Also, I'm Jewish so "sitting" Shiva for a year makes dating off the table for at least a year, so her REMARRIAGE just f***ing astounds me.

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        • Chasing the Passport

          I'm so sorry for your loss. Your husband gave the ultimate sacrifice. Sending good thoughts to you and your family. And thank you for your family's service.

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        • LaverneandHurling

          I had a nightmare that my husband died and woke up feeling like I would vomit forever. If that were my reality I don't know that I'd be able to form complete sentences, let alone be a decent partner to someone and marry him and just act like this was some great love story.

          I wish you peace and hope you are able to find happiness in whatever form that comes. Thank you for sharing your perspective; you were lucky to have each other.

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        • fungez

          ah geez. So sorry about that.

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      • Pussy Galore

        Congratulations on winning the mourning olympics.

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  5. Me

    Has her first husband been dead over 6 months?

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    • LifeHappens

      Clicked Nope - because Nope, he hasn't been dead for 6 months.

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    • notfunnyhaha

      No. he died in July (and she remarried in September.

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      • notfunnyhaha

        I was wrong. He died in June. But she did remarry in early September.

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        • Wee Hatted Couch Barnacle

          OMG. Nope nope nope on so many levels. I mean, eventually you probably try to find love again but not in that short of time.....oh my word.

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  6. Pigeon Club

    Husband died in June.
    Remarried in September.
    Perfect life in November.

    How does she still have followers?

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    • Severus Snark

      And we're also a good 3-4 "new family" photo sessions in already, without the inevitable Thanksgiving and Christmas curation and baby announcement (around New Year's, methinks). His new look may get one, too.

      She works fast and she's deliberate, that's for damn sure.

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      • JaCrispy

        This. And one hundred million dollars says she refers to the baby as "healing."

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  7. myfakie


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  8. CanklesandCupcakes

    This is such poor taste! I agree with everyone who said about Martin being alive for half the year. Jesus! She is a complete manipulative narcissist.

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  9. FuckingZorro


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  10. Sweetie Darling

    My heart genuinely hurts for Martin's family. Not my life, not my loss, but this is still just too soon.
    I feel like life gave FF lemons so she made lemonade but saved some pulpy juice to squeeze into their wounds.

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    • Yepthatsme

      As a member of Martin'so family, it is still painful. It is also frustrating that so many people can't see through her deception.

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      • Sweetie Darling

        I wish I could hug you. I just can't even imagine.

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        • Yepthatsme

          That's sweet of you!! Many members of his family feel the same way. However, his children and their well well being are the main concern

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      • Wee Hatted Couch Barnacle

        I'm so terribly sorry, I really am.

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      • imablogger

        I can't imagine how difficult this is for Martin's family. The most important thing now is to nurture and be there for his children. They need a family that is grounded.

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  11. Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

    The timing is so tacky and questionable and weird and yikes, she really could have waited until next year to go full throttle NEW LIFE NEW MAN if she had any self-awareness.

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  12. Zosew

    Props to whoever gave this radly passive aggressive comment-

    "Aw, I can see so much of Martin in all of your children. Getting four kids of those ages to smile at the same time AND ALSO look at the camera is definitely an achievement!"

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    • I just am so flabbergasted by her callous selfishness that my inner troll comes out and I want to go in and saw "Aww, these are fantastic, and its almost like the husband you had for the first half of 2016 never existed! Great work." But I know her little Hale Bop cult would rip me to shreds and she'd get all the sympathy in the world. Does it even cross her mind ONCE that she's coming across as a cold, heartless beast? Does she really think we all just forgot about "the unpleasantness" of LESS THAN SIX MONTHS AGO? I can't stand that she gets away with this complete erasure of a human being's contribution to her life.

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  13. Zosew

    And you know what, I can imagine that she woke up one day and realized, "Holy Eff!" I have FIVE kids and no partner!" I can imagine her being scared and lonely and worried about the kids being scared and lonely. And I can imagine that pushing her into remarrying quickly.
    What I CANNOT understand is being so open about it.

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    • Amaryllis

      Well, no point in hiding it once you've legalized it.

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      • Zosew

        I can't help but feel this is way out of line. If I was his family, I'd be flipping out.

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    • like what even

      I think it is sweet of you to try and find some way to empathize. However, having known a young widow and reading other stories of how young widows with kids cope, the usual normal thing is to be so deep in the grieving process for months/years that the idea of dating is sickening/heartbreaking/depressing. Also usually the focus is on the kids, and making sure they're okay - not thinking of yourself so much.

      This is maladaptive. She is either a stone cold b**** who really didn't care about her dead husband, or this is some seriously warped and unhealthy 'grieving-by-not-grieving' that is going to end up blowing up in her face.

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