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Freckled Fox Will Sponsor Her Grief

Emily Meyers, widowed for 84 days, has shared a story of in-law gratitude that provides yet another soft-focus version of how she dealt with her first husband’s death. And of course it’s an #ad.

Clicking her link takes you to a post called “Becoming Our Best Selves”. She begins by explaining how hard the roughly 10 weeks of single motherhood were for her.

During the transition from a wife and caregiver to becoming a single mother to my five little ones, I had the realization that I just couldn’t let myself really grieve and be consumed by my emotions all the time, because I needed to be a full-time mother and breadwinner now more than ever…I had no idea where we were going, how exactly we were going to pay bills…

Because an allegedly paid off house and $100,000 in donations wouldn’t help with those things, I suppose. She goes on to gurgle about her former sister-in-law being the one who did the laundry and made her eat and watched her kids. She then claims:

I realized soon after Martin’s passing that the quickest and simplest way to distract myself from my pain and to be able to simply function was to lose myself in caring for my children and in serving others as much as possible.

No mention of whether, during those weeks, she was already setting up her replacement husband or planning her second wedding. But she does not forget to end the post with a very tiny “This post is sponsored by”.