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Gala Darling’s Radical Ripoff Clearly Worth The Money

Gala Darling, look at her new Betsey Johnson stuff, got her “boot camp” started up Wednesday. For just $100 you can receive awesome advice like this:

Create Disneyland in your heart every day…

You can morph the mundane into the magical with only a small change of perspective. Make breakfast a luxurious event, send emails with a smile (the receiver can feel it!) & make an effort to welcome the beauty of life — which exists all around you — into reality.

To be fair, the 100 bucks gets you access to her forums and some mp3s, so I can totally see how that would be worth it. I’m not trying to say people shouldn’t seek ways to be happy, but doesn’t it seem a little ridiculous in this economy to give some internet charlatan 100 dollars to instruct you to buy fresh flowers for yourself? That’s not self-improvement self-love, that’s advice I read in Marie Claire 3 years ago.

I really don’t understand why anyone would pay that kind of money for someone to say ‘you have to like yourself before you’ll be happy! let in the positive! only see the beauty!’ These aren’t new revolutionary concepts, these are all things that have been in every women’s magazine since 1962. I guess some people need to be told these things, and are willing to pay to hear it from Gala Darling. The whole thing is just so odd to me.