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Gardner Quad Squad Is The Latest Baby-On-Plane Drama Tale

Coming on the heels of Something Navy‘s airline-vs-baby media blitz is Ashley ‘Pantry Twizzlers’ Gardner, who went on Ellen and complained about how she was treated when she was trying to board her free flight.

Evidently she and the adult male Gardner (and two other quad wranglers) hauled their four little miracles up to the gate thinking the toddlers would be babes-in-arms. She tells Ellen that Zuul the Gatekeeper of Gozer promptly informed them the children were too old to be lap babies.

So we get there, the girls were screaming the entire way to the airport – and through the entire airport…and the lady at the gate is like ‘oh you’re not getting on this flight, you need tickets for all of your girls’…so we did not get on that flight…they were like ‘get out, we don’t care’.

Ellen’s response was “So that lady’s mean” – presumably referring to the gate agent. Well that gate agent showed up on Ellen’s facebook page with a response of her own.


I was the agent that helped this family at the airport. They came to me in the middle of boarding and said they needed to add their 4 lap babies to their flight. I told them they needed documentation and explained to the mother to quickly get a photo of their birth certificates. While she did that the dad and I started to fill out their info and I quickly realized they were already 2 years of age. I explained the FAA requires anyone over 2 years to occupy their own seat and said we didn’t have any extra seats on the flight and it was too late to oversell the flight. I did everything I could to help them get to their destination before I even knew why they were going. I didn’t even recognize her. I offered to send 2 of the babies with 2 adults and sending the others on a different flight. She said she didn’t want to do that. Saying you had everything booked and that everyone knew they were all flying is incorrect. The children weren’t even booked to fly at all. Whomever books your guests should find out what’s required for children to fly. I was very helpful and tried my hardest to help out but our flights were all full. I even found them in the airport later and told them I let the night crew aware of the situation and to help them out and was told by the Mom that they were just going home. I was never mean and never told them to get out. This “version” of the story is completely innacurate.

Well then. This is what happens when people don’t ‘recognize’ you, I guess!