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Glennon Doyle Has Fallen In Love For Realsies

The Momastery show rolls on, and in her continuing efforts to copy Elizabeth Gilbert, Glennon has now announced she is in love with a woman.

After I told Craig, the first thing he said was: Holy shit. Is this what all the Indigo Girls has been about? I said, WHOA. I DON’T KNOW…MAYBE?

Indigo Girls? Seriously?

Of course Glennon, being the famehound she is, couldn’t just fall in love with a brutiful teacher or accountant or lap disciple. She had to  find someone famous.

Her name is Abby. You might recognize her from soccer. She was one of the best players of all time…

Since Ellen is no longer available, Glennon decided to suddenly “get” what love is all about by attaching herself to soccer star Abby Wambach. Now don’t worry about the kids – Glennon says the kids, parents, and their girlfriends “have family dinners together – all six of us — and Abby cooks.” Then she tells her monkeys in semi-vague terms that she no longer gives any fingercuffs what they want or what they think.

It has been my job for so long as a leader in this community to care deeply about what you think and feel about me and the way I live my life…And now it is my job as a leader not to concern myself too deeply about what you think and feel about me- about the way I live my life.

She concludes by saying they have “decided that we’re going to keep a whole lot of us private” and assuring everyone she is “deeply, finally, FINE…JOY! I’m so happy.”

  1. Tiny Shitlovers

    "Because what the world needs -- in order to grow, in order to relax, in order to find peace, in order to become brave -- is to watch one woman at a time live her truth without asking for permission or offering explanation. The most revolutionary thing a woman can do is not explain herself."

    Wow. Forget war, famine, disease, injustice - what the world really needs right now is for middle class white woman to find themselves.

    Glennon is peak white woman, with a bigger messiah complex than Oprah.

    Let's see how long this shit-show lasts!

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    • I visited Morocco at Epcot

      Peak White Woman is a great username.

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    • Apeeling Attire

      "Middle Class White Lady Attempts To Change The World By Finding Herself" -- that is the headline of Glennon's adulthood.

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    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      What the world needs now is for middle class white women to do exactly whatever the hell they want at all times. Revolution is now!

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      • Apeeling Attire

        When middle class white ladies are finally free from the unbearable pressure of having to be accountable for their choices, the world will live in perfect harmony.

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        • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

          Truly, the only real injustice in our world today is middle class white women being put-upon by people who keep them down by questioning their choices after they've spread their entire lives publicly on the internet for years.

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          • Apeeling Attire

            Cast off the shameful burdens wrought by your myriad social media postings, white ladies! Break free from the chains that you have leveraged in order to bring yourself internet fame! Extract yourself from the relationships that you pimped out in your best-selling books!

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            • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

              The bravest thing you can do, white ladies, is repeat "none of your f**king business" as your personal mantra whenever someone asks you a simple and straightforward question about something you voluntarily told them in the first place. It's almost dooce-like in its strength.

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  2. iovershare

    I think it's all kinds of f**ked up to publicly post how you finally found true love. It's f**ked up for your ex (especially because they seem amicable) and it's effed up for your kids. I am divorced and remarrying next month and I make sure my daughter knows the period of time that I was with her dad had it's struggles (he cheated) but it was good and important and that I really loved him. I don't get it.

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    • Sucks to your Assmar

      I really commend you for how you're raising your daughter. My Mom played all sorts of mind games no my siblings and I after she divorced my Dad (she left him for another man) and 28 years later it still f**ks with me. Great job and being an awesome Mom.

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      • iovershare

        Thanks. It wasn't easy and it's not always perfect but in order to move on and be happy, I had to.

        I just think she is minimizing how her kids are coping.

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  3. Monkee Don't

    New here. I feel like I'm watching a train wreck. The post below was written on Glennon's FB page by some lady - and it really hits the nail on the head. I'm so glad I had the instinct to copy it before it was deleted!!

    To: Glennon's "Love Warrior" followers:

    It may be time you left the "herd". This entire post is deeply disturbing for 4 reasons that have NOTHING to do with gender, sexual identity or gender-independent love. PLEASE reclaim your self-respect from someone who has done nothing but question your intelligence and mock your faithfulness.

    1) As a self-affirmed "champion" of feminism and women's rights, what kind of message does it send that she just separated THREE MONTHS AGO from her husband of 14 years and has already jumped head-first into a relationship in which she professes her "Oh my God, I get it now," first experience of TRUE LOVE and classifies it as her "modern, beautiful family!" The inability to be alone between relationships and take the time to self-assess, explore and exert independence is in EXACT opposition to feministic ideals. Relationship hopping is typically reserved for insecure, co-dependent types who suffer an overwhelming desire to be "taken care of." And umm, yeah, can't exactly ignoring the elephant in the room that BOTH of these women are emerging from recent divorces. One, in fact, that may not even be officially finalized yet, if rumor has her way. In Abby's feministic defense, while this "love" story screams codependency on both fronts and Abby IS very vocal and active in the feminist movement, only ONE of them gets PAID to be. SMH.

    2) A recovering alcoholic/addict herself, she has either failed, or turned a blind eye, to this thing in recovery called NOT BEGINNING A NEW RELATIONSHIP FOR A YEAR once getting sober. There is a reason why this is a fundamental guideline toward success in every recovery program across the globe. No...I'm not talking about Glennon. She is a veteran in recovery, so not only does the guideline not apply to HER, she has a veteran's worth of experience to have heard this warning hundreds of thousands of times. She should KNOW better than to start up a relationship with a fellow addict in her recovery infancy. Once again, Abby gets a pass, because recovery is new to her and I'm sure she assumes she's in the best hands possible. Whose lead is better to follow than that of one who knows the ropes? They'll NEVER steer you wrong. (Speaking as a recovering addict, myself)

    3) For the love of GOD, has this woman learned nothing about the emotional and mental development of children? Not to mention the powerful effect divorce (and all major life changes) have on that development?? For a woman who fancies herself a "guru" in everything from parenting, marriage, mental health and addiction to the Bible, Christianity and women's rights, she sure has a lot to learn (or...a-hem...justify). Lesson 1, Glennon: Probably not such a good idea to PUBLICLY celebrate your children's new "beautiful, modern family" three months after you PUBLICLY decided to leave their dad (whose dirty laundry was, simultaneously, PUBLICLY displayed for the world to see in your "tell-all." The memoir's only redeeming quality for him was the "happily ever after" ending...and then, well, you know. It kind of loses its luster as a vulnerable, "raw" journey of self-discovery, conviction, perseverance and redemption when you basically abandon your resolve before it hits shelves.) I can't even--I can't even BEGIN to describe the cringe-worthy shame and public humiliation you have brought down on Craig. You MUST be sociopathic in some way. To publicly defile and emasculate this man in the name of "truth" and service to others and then....oh my GOSH, and THEN you freaking LEAVE HIM! It seriously makes me wonder if your plan all along wasn't bitter revenge. You give him hope, force him into giving his freaking blessing for you to publicly (and for a profit) broadcast his very real, deeply personal, shameful, sex-addicted acts, in exchange for your commitment. And then, BAM! Sorry sucker!!! You're on your own. Have fun trying to ever get a girlfriend who is worth a damn now! You sure sealed his fate, while enhancing your own. Oh the price we pay.... Guess ya didn't think about how shaming ones parent inadvertently brings shame upon the child as well, did ya? Of course not. G thinks about G. But, who am I to judge blatant inattentiveness and neglect toward the psychological and emotional needs of children? Oh...that's right. A person with an undergraduate, postgraduate and two minor degrees in the field, as well as 15 years of extensive mental health research and activism.

    4) And this one is on behalf of her "Love Warrior" followers. Admittedly, I've never been able to claim membership of this elite tribe of "fierce", "loyal" "fearless" champions of "radical" love. But not for a lack of trying. After reading quite a few of her powerful blogs that deeply resonated, I TRIED to be all in...several times. But each time a few nuggets of self-serving "wisdom" would surface and I couldn't bring myself to "pull the trigger." What really sealed the deal is this recent revelation that she is "deeply, finally, FINE." She's now "Fine through [her] bones and soul and just every fiber of [her]." She goes on to say that she is "so unshakably certain inside of" her truth and that she has "officially become a woman who knows who she is and refuses to betray herself."

    Uhhh...hmmm...Ok, but apparently you are "deeply fine" with betraying your loyal followers?

    Didn't we just hear this song? Is it Groundhog Day, Bill Murray? Because, sorry sister. I don't even follow you, but from my paltry, limited exposure, I don't have enough fingers and toes to count all the times you've claimed to be "deeply, finally, FINE" and a woman who "knows" and "refuses to betray herself." In fact, your followers have come to depend on your "evolved" sense of self and stability in your "fineness." After all, who would ever knowingly seek wisdom and inspiration from one who is perpetually wallowing in the same pit with no acclaimed testimony of ever having surmounted at least ONE of the obstacles she repeatedly claims to have "FINALLY" conquered as a self-proclaimed "Warrior." And yes, I can already hear the "But...but...but..." I know her followers have been led to believe that she is a raw, vulnerable soul, wading through the trenches JUST LIKE THEM and ALONG WITH THEM, but how, then, is she able to inspire, encourage and motivate you to grow, hope, change, if all she truly offers is commiseration of life's muck and mire. We have enough people in our lives to fulfill that role. A person doesn't get a rather large cult following without having evidence supporting, or appearances attesting to, resilience and success. So, while her followers may think they only follow her because misery loves "transparent" company, one quick scan of any one of her blogs or books attests to her restorative "wholeness" and "resurrection" and "healing" and "abundance" and "power" and "wisdom" and "truth" and "redemption" and "freedom" and "true love" and "self-acceptance" and that "finally, finally, finally" she has reached that ever-elusive place from which her followers can draw hope and strength and redemption just as she has done. And that's the goal of any inspirational, motivational leader; as it should be. The difference is, for most other successful leaders serving a faithful following, there is stability in their triumph. Their resolute attestations are rarely subject to continuous retractions and caveats. The whole "I want what he has" phenomenon is quite consistent over time and space and remarkably unshakable. On the contrary, Glennon seems to be rather comfortable in the routine profession of being "deeply, finally, FINE"...until she's not....and then is again....and then is not. She's become comfortable as someone who is FINALLY "in love"....until she isn't...and then is....She FINALLY loves herself and is unwilling to sacrifice her truth and BETRAY HERSELF ever AGAIN......until she does....

    I mean, the front jacket of the book specifically states "they can finally, after thirteen years of marriage, fall in love." Yet, three months later, she now posts that she gets it now and is finally in love. Oh dear Glennon. For the love of the love that you continue to toss around like a football, ya don't go VIRAL, claiming you are finally, unmistakably in love with someone you've been dating for one...maybe two months. You're not a school girl! You're a MOM for crying out loud. And now you're a mom who is teaching her daughters exactly HOW to LOSE THEMSELVES inside of fits of passion (disguised as "serious, meaningful relationships") that only truly exist in between the covers of a Harlequin romance novel!

    Bravo, Love Warrior. You have officially become the most inconsistent, ineffective inspirational icon of the 21st century. You have single-handedly made a mockery of your faithful army and slyly questioned their intelligence. The biggest travesty, however, is how you knowingly and publicly sentenced your children (and husband) to a lifetime of shame and therapy! You make a brief comment about how well they're doing and how you all are one "beautiful, modern family." Really? Or could it be that they now understand their life to mean that truth only costs what you're willing to pay PUBICLY? After all, Mom's gotta boost her "raw, authentic, truth-telling" ranking in the blogosphere hierarchy.

    As a long-standing, TRUE activist for the LGBT community, I have to it really just COINCIDENCE that Glennon Doyle Melton "comes out" and professes her newfound love and shifted platform at the apex of heightened fear, sensitivity and vulnerability concerning this PRECISE issue, following what inevitably had to be a severe hit to ratings and her fan base (upon discovery of her deceit and dishonesty regarding her marriage, commitment and intentions thereof.) I have discovered a perfect, fool-proof, unshakable affirmation that Ms. Doyle Melton can "FINALLY", "DEEPLY" attest to and maintain. Ok, my dear, precious, Glennon, my love. Repeat after me. "My loves, come close--because I need to share something profound and incredibly vulnerable with you, my brutiful Warrior sisters. I need you to know--and I know you need to know--that I am DEEPLY, unshakably, irreversibly, undeniably, FINALLY........a sell-out."

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    • Apeeling Attire

      This forever. She puts words to so many ragey feelings I have when I see yet another repost of a momastery article on FB

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    • realhousewifeofnewengland


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    • Mommy without a blog

      You posted this and it got deleted from her IG?

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  4. topsecretusername

    b***hing about being called a mommy blogger on social media is frankly a disgusting look right now.

    And if Glennon thinks she'd be getting ANY mainstream press attention if this weren't a week in which real celebrities' publicists were being extra careful to avoid self-promotion at a senstiive time, she's f**king kidding herself.

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  5. Wait...What?

    I saw the headline on huf...but didn't REALIZE it was her. Bit quick.

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  6. kittyhow

    I don't read Momastery (other than when GOMI does a story about her) but I went to read her first blog entry and found this telling sentiment (from 2009):

    "I was never truly happy a full day in my life before I met Craig, and since I met him I don’t think I’ve ever spent a full day unhappy. I find that both pathetic and perfect."

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  7. Ashley

    Does no one (especially some as 'enlightened' as Glennon thinks she is) think about healing a little or taking a breath after getting divorced. Hate to take a whole 6 months (gasp) to reflect before jumping to realsies LOVE with some else. I would be happy if she just shut up about it and processed outside the blogosphere.

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  8. tanya

    The few times I read her blog in the past (long ago) I thought she came across as a complete and utter con woman with serious mental issues. I remember what she looked like though so when this story was in several publications the other day I didn't even give it a second thought but then was shocked to find out it was Glennon they were talking about because the recent pics look nothing like I remembered her looking like. Has she had a lot of work done or something?? Anyway, I think she is nothing but an extreme attention seeker who will do absolutely anything for publicity and I have no doubt this relationship will be over in six months to a year..... as soon as she is done using Abby.

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  9. LaverneandHurling

    My BFF separated from her husband October 2015 and was divorced by July of this year. They were together 14 years, married just shy of 10 and have two kids together. Of course, she jumped straight into a relationship...with an older colleague who is in the middle of his own divorce. She keeps telling me how amazing it is, how she's never been in a relationship this happy or healthy before, how the sex is amazing, and how he prioritizes their time together (they really only see each other when she doesn't have her kids and if I only had saw my husband 3 days of the week I'd be pretty f**king great at it too). As a child of divorce myself and someone whose mom jumped into a relationship before the divorce was final, I have cautioned her about how she introduces this guy to her kids now (they know him as Mommy's coworker but that's it) and she seemed annoyed. "If I'm happy, they'll be happy." Uh, sure, OK. I mean, they are coping well now but it took a year and this will be a new hurdle/milestone. I've also asked her if this older guy who has a grown son wants to start all over with carpool, soccer practice, etc since she thinks this is the real deal. From the look on her face when I asked that I don't think she's thought it all the way through. And if he doesn't, is she Ok with that? Not having these tough conversations is what got her married to and divorced from someone who was perfectly nice but not at all right for her in the first place!

    She's always been impulsive and really hasn't even been single since high school so I'm not shocked she jumped into something else...but it does concern me that she's acting like a lovestruck teenager when she's a mom pushing 40.

    Tl;dr this is a real thing that happens and I'm mystified by it.

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  10. Mommy without a blog

    Didn't people notice that she and Abby were wearing matching necklaces in like early August? That would seem to indicate they'd already been dating awhile. I bet she met Abby, got the "enlightenment" she needed to leave Craig, and went straight from Craig to Abby. I would not be shocked if she had an emotional affair with Abby before she announced her separation.

    Are either of these two actually divorced? I highly doubt it. (although I guess Abby shouldn't have a complicated divorce given her two year marriage and no kids).

    I have 3 kids and have been separated for 5 years. My husband cheated and the kids met his girlfriend within 6 months. They "had a blast" with the other woman and her kids...but looking back on it...they were pretty shell shocked and I feel like crying when I think about it. Even now, my kids think we are divorced but I'm really glad neither my ex or I is dating and we are focused on them. We aren't giving up our lives completely for the kids--but we are focused on making sure they feel valued.

    I haven't read Love Warrior but one of my friends who read it said she was so sad for Glennon's kids eventually reading it...both in terms of how it described Craig and I guess Glennon also describes how she aborted her first pregnancy with Craig? I am pro choice...but I feel like that's a story I would keep private and probably not tell my kids.

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  11. SMH

    Do you really think you'd tell your husband of 14 years that you are a lesbian and he'd cutely relate it to the Indigo Girls?

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