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Glennon Doyle Melton And Abby Wambach Are Now Married

Glennon finally nailed herself down a semi-celebrity spouse, and she certainly wasted no time telling everyone about it.


I mean…I’m not surprised, because when an ego the size of Glenny’s publicly declares that her new love is forever there’s really no climbing down from that tree. The only real option she had was to double down and get married to prove it’s The Real Thing. Which is usually something done by teenagers who fall in love and want to ‘show everyone’ it’s ‘4lyfe’ but whatever, this IS Glenny we’re talking about so everyone probably expected this conclusion.

My beloveds – please never give up on love. Life could surprise the hole out of you. Trust me- you might just wake up one morning and find yourself smackdab in the middle of heaven.
I love my wife.

Anyway, I guess congrats to Glennon. She can get at least two books and 2 years worth of speaking engagement/tv appearances out of this move. And if this marriage lasts 5 years I’ll eat my AIDS Walk sneakers.