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Gluten-Free Girl Is Changing Her Blog

Shauna Ahern, grocery store person, has apparently done a lot of thinking since she traded in internet importance for cleanups on aisle 7. In an odd post that is basically a gluten-fee word salad, Shauna says “continuing to write gluten-free girl the way it began doesn’t feel right now”, and that she “can’t do it anymore”.

Again, I’m so grateful that so many of you care. But it has worn on me, these past few years, that my family and our life has become a bit of a commodity. I’m not comfortable with it anymore…Besides, this way of publishing here doesn’t match what we do.

She goes on to remind us that she won a James Beard award because it’s been 15 minutes since she reminded us she won a James Beard award. Then she tells us what her blog will really be about from now on.

When we met, I was a high school teacher and he was a chef. Now we are professional recipe developers…Dan and I know our stuff now…Now, we’d rather share the specifics of gluten-free baking and how to make gravy with a gluten-free flour than talk about our lives anymore.

She then encourages people to buy some of her flour before concluding with the threat of another book.

The irony of writing an enormously long personal essay to announce that I’m not really doing that here anymore is not lost on me. I’m still a writer. I need to take my personal  writing away from immediate commercial work, however. I’ve been working on a book of personal essays for the past year.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh wait – YESSSSSSSSS. It would be a good excuse to do another book club!

  1. lavitaesortabella

    1. She was fine with being a commodity when she was trying to grift ridiculously many $$$ for her crapflour. She succeeded, alas. Her crapflour hasn’t.
    2. Every time she contributes to a magazine or website (one of her claims to fame), the barrage of negative comments (forgot ingredients! recipe sucked!) is astounding.
    3. She is hoping that her fans will so miss her purple prose that they will again fork out on her “essays”. Self-published, no doubt. they well might. *sigh*
    4.I had a blog in 2002. People read it even then. It was the internet, and sharing was kind of the whole point. She is so…so…$%^%
    5. Parents complained to school authorities that their offspring was not mentioned in her blog? YEAH RIGHT.

    • the one true morty

      you might be on to something there with #3. People will be so starved for her sexy food writing they’ll pay for it!
      You know she’d deliver on that, even if she can’t get out flour or weekly recipe plans. Shaun loves a good erotic food fan fic.

      • the one true morty

        walked right into that one.

      • Bolivian Army Wedding Singer

        I might buy this and gift this to people at my Weight Watcher’s Group. Reading this should be enough to shoot down people’s appetites.


      • Porkbits

        Brilliant!!!!! Hahahahaha Hahahahaha!

      • nope nope octopus

        And the sequel “10 shades of fingernail filth” 🙂

    • TheRuralJuror

      She’s shutting down her flour business — posted about it on Kickfarter. So there’s another successful grift!

  2. caviar dreams

    Oh yes, please bring back book club!! that was a great way to kick off the weekend. (I’m still curious for a review of “New York Times Bestseller” Love Style Life – though I’m not sure why! 🙂

    • Storm

      The dollar tree near my house just put out a stack of remaindered blogger books, there was one of each of many, including Love Style Life, Nie Nie Nielson’s opus, Kelly Hampton’s Bloom, one of Young House Love’s and something I’d never heard of. They must have received a mixed bag. Oh, and the Jenner sister’s Sci Fi “novel” that they couldn’t be bothered to learn the plot of for their press tour. I made it through Tyra’s; I couldn’t do K & K’s.

      I was tempted to write gomi’s address in each, to make it worth admission, but, at least the people who buy will be

  3. Emma

    Ooooh, a book of personal essays. How *exciting*.

  4. Ja'crispy

    She keeps referring to her 2005 blog as her “personal practice” space and was shocked when someone found it. Really? You didn’t realize how the internet worked? When I used to post on in middle school circa 1999 I knew that everyone could read it, but as an educated person in 2005, which were apparently the dark ages, you never thought it *might* not be a good idea to write about your students because the internet is very much public??

  5. Bacon in Beans at Restaurants

    Shaun keeps boasting the world that she was one of the very first food bloggers. Apparently, she was one of the last to understand how it all worked.

    She’s just as ridiculous as my 2 teens who tell me, “OMG, Mom–you’re not supposed to look at someone else’s Facebook page unless they’re your FRIEND!!” Yeah, RIGHT. That’s definitely how the Internet works, kiddos…

  6. Bolivian Army Wedding Singer

    If she’s finally shutting herself off the internet to devote into writing a book, GOOOOD! At least, i can finally nominate her for the GOMI Awards Best Flounce or Most Improved Blog (Due to Shutting Down Completely) categories. Hahahah!

    Also, Shauna dah-ling, the internet has been around since, like, ages ago? Where do you get these ideas that you’re an internet pioneer? Dear, oh dear.


  7. Purple21

    Wow, every time I thought that blog post was over I just had to scroll a little further and it was still going. Why is she talking as if she’s Princess Diana, having no idea how much attention she would get with her humble blog? Of course people coming to her cooking classes know about her blog, because her blog is a promotional tool, directing people to her cooking classes.
    And that little anecdote about admin speaking to her about her blog made no sense at all. She got in trouble for writing about the students in a public forum, and so she should.

  8. “cleanups on aisle 7”

  9. Katnip

    “grocery store person” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Katnip

      p.s. even more hilarious: All my ads around this article are now for pans, including Le Creuset pans…Is the ad-algorithm in on our fun? 😉

  10. i love chili dogs

    “A book of personal essays”? Can’t wait, Gluten-Free Gore Vidal!

  11. Roadkill on Batshit Lane

    She charges $10 per month for her ‘newsletters’. Are people really paying that? If her fans really are, she should be doing quite well. However I wonder since she has to work at a grocery store to make ends meet?

    • pond scum byproducts

      Well, 120 of her fans are paying. That’s close to zero growth after nearly a year.

  12. TheIslandyIsland

    Her family is a commodity now? Unfortunately for her, not one that pays the bills.

    She is inundated with negative comments because she removed the comment feature from her blog ages ago. Even back in the day when she permitted comments, she quickly removed any comment that wasn’t anything less than complete, slavish adoration from her demented, leg -humping, sycophantic fan girls, aka upper middle class white women who are prone to histrionics and who have too much time on their hands.

    Of course, when she was trying to grift money for her flour, comments mysteriously appeared, but were quickly removed after she reached her goal. She also kicked people off her facebook page.)

    The comment issue is indicative of the larger issue: she never gave a shit about that people wanted–she just wanted them to hand over the money. People told her loud and clear that they wanted simpler recipes that didn’t take three hours to prepare, and she return she ridiculed them for being “intimidated by food” and suggested they were lowly Safeway shoppers, and wrote exactly what she wanted, mostly shitty recipes for people with hours and days on their hands.

    She would get tons more readers if she would just open comments and let them stand. Can you imagine the verbal slugfest between Haters and Humpers? It would be epic, and she probably wouldn’t even have to get her hands dirty while her Humpers fight for her to the bitter end. She might even get picked up by a national publication and get some pity sales of her flour due to “internet bullying,” and “fat shaming” or whatever passes for click bait these days.

    Then again, it’s also possible that nobody really cares. When she occasionally writes a post about the Internet Meanies and the E-mails They Send, it sounds really suspect. I think she really means that people are busting her balls on GOMI, and because she’s such a sensitive (lying) soul, she calls that harassment and bullying.