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Gluten-Free Girl Is Now Grocery Store Girl


Shauna Ahern, has gluten problems according to herself, is apparently not making enough money writing books and Kickstarter begging. She has had to lower herself to become…a grocery store person. She made the announcement via a nine grillion word instagram post.

This morning I walked into work at 7 am to see this. Already, the day was good.

This week, I started a new job for the first time in over a decade. I’m working three days a week at the incredible grocery store on Vashon. Why?
I’ve grown weary of the internet being my only workplace. I like it here but I need a break from marketing and shouting and people demanding and mostly the frantic nature of it all. I used to be pretty good at selling books but I’m not built for it. Like our books? I’m thrilled. But doing everything we can to get more followers and sell more books? I’m weary thinking about it now. It doesn’t feel like it’s at the heart of what matters to me in the world.
After I survived the minor stroke last summer, Danny and I talked a lot this year about how much we want to slow down and truly live in our town. I have talked to more people who live on Vashon in the last three days than I had in months.
And two people being self-employed with two small kids? It’s too tenuous. It has been a tough couple of years of up and down, financially, since the exorbitant expense of adoption. Now, I have a solid paycheck. And health insurance for the entire family for $35 a month in union dues. (Bless the unions.) And really, really good health insurance. Need a good job, friends and fellow artists? Work at a grocery store.
Finally, as my dear friend John, who is a painter, convinced me, artists need day jobs. I’m working on a new book — not a cookbook — and I find I have no time to create it when I spend my entire work day answering emails and doing almost-creative work. This is a choice to write.
So, I’m punching a clock for the first time. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it.
gluten-free girl will still go on, probably even stronger. We have dozens of new recipes in the works for the coming months. I’m teaching baking classes all fall. I’m just going back to enjoying it again, instead of feeling like we need to earn all our money from it.
This is my new way to feed people.

Did you read all that? Good. Breathe.

  1. Whatever

    I haven’t read the GFG thread for two months and this happens?! Pure gold.

  2. Gaspode

    GFG will be stronger than ever now that she has a part-time job? She couldn’t keep it going when she was unemployed.

  3. Validate me, I bought salami

    THAT was her instagram post? Holy smokes- I need to take a tylenol after reading all that.

  4. oh, you

    Imagine her surprise when she walks past the bakery and sees people cooking with gloves, and hats, and NOT BLOODY BANDAIDS.


    • Gaspode

      Apparently, she is working IN the bakery.

      • A Passing Maniac

        Yep, IN the bakery. The self-proclaimed “very sensitive celiac” is working in a gluteny bakery, where it’s pretty f**king hard to avoid airborne cross-contamination. I doubt they’re going to let her excuse herself from any and all gluten-laden tasks, either.

        • trashbreakfast

          Wow. When my friend found out that she was actually had Celiacs, she gave away like $1000 of kitchen tools because even a little bit of dust from before her sickness made her miserable.

          I don’t get it.

  5. Redrah

    “This is my new way to feed people” omg her obsession with the word “feed” is so gross.

    • dayman

      It always makes me think of that huge awful spider in Harry Potter who wanted to let her babies feed on them.

  6. Carefully Curated Collards

    I won’t say anything bad about any blogger for getting a real job.
    Although I will be taking bets on how long GFG last in this new REAL job.

    • Suicidal Footman in the Attic

      No one is saying anything bad about her getting a job, it’s about the spin. She can never just say something like “Things have been a bit challenging financially and we need health insurance so I took a job. Hope I’m still able to blog but family comes first. Enjoying being out of the house a bit.” There would be nothing to snark on and she would get all the headpats.

  7. Yes. Breathe.
    And people on Instagram think her job at Thriftway is an „exciting new adventure“, „another fun way to fill your soul“, „the only way to recharge the batteries“ and – my favourite – „a nice change-of-pace and scenery.“

    • thetapeworm

      I wish I had an army of suckers like hers. I’m genuinely surprised she’s not continuing to fleece them with more Kickstarter projects and empty promises of “soon”.

  8. Hater Face

    Is this the same chick who wanted people to pay for her road trip?

    • Suicidal Footman in the Attic

      The same.

    • Little Broom On The Prairie


      • bag of scum byproducts

        Will Thriftway let her take off weeks at a time for potluck junkets/pernicious flus/demanding kids and their school lunches?

  9. Severus Snark

    Isn’t that nice? It’s not *really* because of financial struggles at all–it’s because art, and community, and all of those words on the Imogene/Willie business model! She’s there because Thriftway needs her love and light! I’m sure that’s what every Thriftway employee would say. “Best scenery ever.”

    Thank goodness a fellow artist “convinced” her to “choose to write” a la grocery store job.

    • Suicidal Footman in the Attic

      Working in the bakery is her last shred of dignity. She can spin it that they really needed her baking “expertise” to elevate the baking section, almost like a visiting artist, and the money exchanged is sort of like an honorarium.

      • Jan74

        And yet I thought that if she were in the same block as a single particle of ebil glutonium, or even someone wearing glutonium shampoo, she’d immediately “grow ill”.

        • Suicidal Footman in the Attic

          Maybe it’s like how the act of a full-o-gluten restaurant comping her a meal, or a “dear friend” paying for it somehow magically prevents glutonium poisoning. It’s a medical miracle that while she’s grifting she’s impervious to gluten that would otherwise grow her ill. Perhaps receiving money has the same effect?

    • lovesnark

      She did mention the financial struggle, though. I don’t know this blogger very well beyond her name but I will commend any blogger with any kind of big following for getting an actual job when times get tough. I also appreciate the fact that she said she was tired of trying to get more followers and sell more books. That really would get so old.

      • igotnothing

        Your kindness is refreshing but if you read her GOMI forum, you would know that this is a karmic comeuppance ten years in the making.

  10. Suicidal Footman in the Attic

    Really classy for her to lump the “exorbitant expense” of their child in with their horrible financial mismanagement and lack of planning. No, D, your adoption wasn’t just expensive, it was extortionate,
    excessive, prohibitive, outrageous, unreasonable, inflated, unconscionable, huge, enormous; stiff, sky-high, over the top, rip-off.

    Shauna, words mean things.

    • i love chili dogs

      I’m frankly shocked that she didn’t mention that her omgexpensive adoption was TRANSRACIAL. Because did you know she adopted a black kid?

    • Hamilbread

      I wonder if she and Danny ever hit up Desmond’s biological mother for “child support” money.

  11. BBK2015

    $35 a month for really good heath insurance for a family of four? For a part-time job?

    • yama_ernastine

      No way. $35 for the union dues. The insurance premium has to eat up the 3 day a week Piggly Wiggly windfall.

  12. new toast is better

    How do you get health insurance for FOUR people for $35? Seriously? Is that possible?
    I read it a few times and unless I am reading it wrong…?

    • Another Day


      • BBK2015

        even for a part time employee? that seems way too cheap!

      • Another Day

        How do I get the ONLY f**kING NOPE on the entire page?? LMFAO

        She SAID in her post “And health insurance for the entire family for $35 a month in union dues. (Bless the unions.)” It’s not like I’m going off on some crazy Marxist rant about unions FFS. I’m just saying what she said.

        This is not the WA union, but mentions:
        “Under the contract:
        All new workers and second-tier workers will pay weekly health insurance premiums ranging from $7 to $15, depending on their number of dependents;”

        Now that’s from like 2005 or something, but still. And many places offer benefits for part-time employees; my previous employer considered some positions fulltime at 25 hours a week, some at 30. But even if you only worked 5 hours a week you could still get benefits (you paid a higher premium than FT employees).

        Crazy to get noped for that lol.

      • Another Day

        wtf… post about getting the only NOPE on the page (though I see PP has one now too) for QUOTING Shauna’s f**king post, and my reply vanished.

        Shauna said her insurance is through the union. In about 3 seconds of googling, I found a reference to SoCal grocery workers’ health insurance premiums being between $7-15 a week, depending on how many dependents. Many places consider 25 hours a week full-time; unions tend to provide benefits for employees whether they’re full or part time. These are facts and not a Marxist call for uprising until the Unions take over the world, lol.


        • oh, you

          You’re absolutely right. It’s also worth noting she could have a ridiculously low monthly deductible if she chose a much higher-end cost to herself should she get sick (50/50 copay versus 80/20%, $5000 instead of $2000/yearly cap on payment for services).

        • Another Day

          I noped myself on both replies, LOL. It was seriously cracking me up – I was scrolling down and had just thought to myself that I’d never seen an entire page of comments without any nopes, then boom, on a one-word factual statement. (I posted the second comment because the first had vanished and I never remember about the spamcatcher until usually three or four attempts in.) I embrace all the nopes on the more recent comments but wish I knew what problem people had with the “Union” one.

  13. lokicat

    I echo the sentiment that at least she has finally done something, but I’m guessing she’s working 8 hour shifts 3x a week probably at ~$15 an hour. Is that really a steady paycheck for a family of 4?

    • Another Day

      Meh, it’s better than nothing, and I’m sure she gets money from other stuff (book sales, internet ads, whatever). I think the biggest thing is probably the health insurance. I’m self-employed myself and am seriously thinking about getting something for the insurance. If I had kids living at home, I’d never have left the job with insurance in the first place.

      Good for her for getting a job, but she’s proved with that post that she’s still the same delusional person as always.

    • bag of scum byproducts

      $15 is on Seattle proper, I think Vashon still has $8.75 minimum wage. But then there’s that really, really good health insurance, people.

      • Krista C.

        Seattle mininum wage won’t be $15 an hour until 2019-2021, depending on the size of the company. Vashon Island would have to have Washington state’s min. wage which is $9.47.

        • Suicidal Footman in the Attic

          Even if she was paying them $9.47/hour it would be a bargain for the health benefits alone. She’s 50 and has a history of health issues, she’s reported in the past that her husband has had seizures, their daughter has numerous health issues, and they have a toddler. Prior to the Affordable Care Act, no insurer would have taken them on, based on their health histories alone. Thanks Obama! Can’t stand this woman but very happy for them that they finally have good health insurance. Hope that she doesn’t screw this up.