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Gluten-Free Girl Wants You To Pay For Her Eating Tour

Shauna James Ahern, totally expert cooking instruction giver over at Gluten Free Girl, wants to write a fourth cookbook called American Classics, Reinvented. Apparently no other person anywhere has provided recipes on how to make “classic” American food in a gluten free manner, and Shauna and her dirty-fingernailed chef husband want to fill that void.

Obviously they can’t just buy a few Good Housekeeping cookbooks from the 1940s and go grocery shopping. No, they need to “experience” the food. In order to make that happen, they are asking the internets to give them $15,000 so they can drive around the US eating food:

We want to sit in barbecue joints in North Carolina, eat dim sum in San Francisco, make pie with wild Maine blueberries, drizzle honey on warm sopapillas in Santa Fe, and watch pizza being fired in great places in Brooklyn. Of course, Shauna can’t eat any of this. But Danny and Lucy can. And Shauna can take photographs, talk to the chefs, and take notes.

The book already has a publisher and the pair have even received an advance, but they are quashing any questions about why they can’t fund this themselves by saying “This idea of traveling through the country to experience the food where it’s made? It’s our idea, not the kind publishers pay for, really” (I guess she’s never heard of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’?). And to cover all their bases, they’ve warned you that even if they get the $15k, “Life could happen” delaying the nomtrip.

After her behavior during the Hot Widow Boots donation scandal one has to wonder who on earth would want to hand over free cash to this woman just so she can indulge in what amounts to a gastro-vacation.