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Gluten-Free Girl Will Not Help You With Her Recipes

Shauna Ahern, famous for her recipes, is tired of helping you people with those recipes. After years of publishing perfectly crafted instructions for gluten free food items, she is “done” providing the ungrateful masses with substitutions and clarifications:

I posted the recipe this morning…Within an hour, I had a request from a different person asking how to substitute every single ingredient in the recipe…I am not kidding…So here’s the deal. I’m done. I’ve tried hard for years to figure out the substitutions because I don’t want anyone else to feel left out…I can’t make every substitution for you. I just won’t do it anymore.

Asking readers if they “know how much work it takes to create a grain-free, dairy-free, and egg-free dinner roll that is actually good” she went on to detail the extent of her culinary martyrdom:

In the midst of the time when we are developing five recipes a day, six days a week, for an impending cookbook deadline? (I’ll leave off the rest of our lives, the exciting developments and the daily duties of being parents to a very active five-year-old.) I don’t throw recipes up there lightly.

Don’t you people know how busy she is? For fork’s sake they are drowning in a sea of fundraising their gastrotour and trying to figure out why they can’t find the perfect baby. They can’t be expected to help you sort out how to make their recipes because they “worked hard to make that particular recipe, not the one you need”. OMG people, just use Google!