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Meghan McCain Still Going Forward With That Book, Needs Fried Food

Meghan McCain, writer and  political expert,  is so totes excited about her sure-to-be-blockbuster book:

spent the weekend going over final edits for “Dirty, Sexy, Politics” – I can’t believe my book comes out in 3 months!!! so crazy excited!!! about 19 hours ago via web

Now don’t worry, Megatits didn’t forget the important things this long weekend. She started off Memorial Day holiday weekend looking for 12 inches of hot weiner:

why isn’t there a SONIC in manhattan?!?!?! or a chick-fil-a?!?! I’m craving a cherry limeade and something fried…. 6:13 PM May 29th via web

Then she waxed emo about a different kind of greasy mess:

this oil spill is so unbelievably tragic and sad, hearing that it may not be stopped until August is insane. I feel really helpless and sad. about 23 hours ago via web

I wonder who she blames for it now? Well anyway, she wrapped up her long weekend (so different than all her other weekends) with the first tactful and well-formed statement she has made in 6 months. Another relaxing weekend with her family for the hardworking blogette. I don’t know about you but I can NOT WAIT for my advance copy of her shit book. Maybe by then the oil will be plugged and a Sonic will move in a block from Megatits. So much can change in 90 days!



Jezebel To (Former) Readers: You're Commenting Wrong

I’ve been getting requests to look into claims that Jezebel, that angry chick website, is now banning commenters and moderating/deleting comments. Now, first of all, I don’t read Jezebel because all the posts just seem to have such a lame “Can you BELIEVE this, ladies???” tone to them, and I really don’t see the value in picking apart the covers of Cosmo. I also hated Daria, and that seems to be some kind of requirement to be a part of the site. But hey, some of yall love the site and are evidently getting pissed at the high handed tone the site is taking towards its readers lately.

The complaints seem to center around this post. After going on about how pointless your stupid comments are, the author of the post begins her wrap up with this:

The writers on this site have a job to do, which is post commentary on stories in the media, and, where appropriate, insert opinion/personal experiences. Though these posts welcome comments, commenters should realize that inserting their opinions or experiences is not always furthering the discussion.

Their commenting faq states repeatedly that the Site Lords will ban you if they want, for no reason and with no explanation and no appeal possible. It appears to be the same policy in place for Gawker, and has a ‘we are God, kiss our ass and maybe we will let you comment you loser’ attitude that is the standard set by The Most Important Blog On Earth.

Anyway, apparently some kind of commenter drama is happening, but since I’m not really a part of that community I have no way of making sense of it.  Feel free to sort it out here, since you can’t on Jezebel. Oh zing! Cause they hate your comments. Get it? Yeah I’ll go sit down now.

EDIT: No, I also don’t know why a 5 month old post would be sent to me as some example of their attitude towards commenters, but again, I have no clue about the politics of Jezebel. Anyone know anything about this?



Tech Woman Jordan Doesn't Know How To Delete Stuff

Jordan Reid Strech Bepkow Whoever, woman in tech, is off on a long weekend in Maine – a “dog free” weekend. The vocal animal lover dropped her dogs off at the kennel and took off for a well deserved vacation planned by her omgwonderful husband Kenny.

In her absence, let’s not talk about how she’s a famewhoring failed actress turned shillblogger. Let’s talk about pet advocate Jordan’s stunning record of perfect pet ownership.

Apparently between California and Brooklyn, Miss Jordan managed to lose a pet:

i recently decided that i’m deathly tired of los angeles, and am selling my house, packing my cat, simon, and my dog, lucy liu (jack daniels disappeared a few months ago) into a 26-foot u-haul, and driving it back across the country, where i will try to fit three bedrooms worth of crap into a shoebox in brooklyn.

This fun fact comes from Jordan’s ages old Friendster profile. Also featured are one of Jordan’s typical Jordan-in-the-mirror-at-vanity pics, and photos of her with that London guy. Ya know, to make sure we all know she dated a famous guy. (OT, but why is this still up anyway? That crap was 5 years ago. If she is trying to brand herself  as the happy married lady why does she proudly display pics of her only relationship with a pseudo-famous person?)

So….what I want to know is, what happened to her cat???



David And Rachel Continue To Celebrate Being David And Rachel

David and Rachel, King and Queen of tumblropia, are back from their long Asian vacation. First order of business? Redecorate the apartment!

We’re replacing all of the furniture in our apartment today. Wish us luck!

So…is nobody at all going to say “Hmmmm….” that Le Karp’s wannabe ‘business’ just got handed 10 million dollars a month ago, and since then he and Rachel have taken a not cheap vacation and purchased all new furnishings for their hipster hideout? Look, I’m not directly accusing Karp of anything here. I’m just saying it looks bad. You’d think someone at that company would have sat him down and told him to maybe space out the celebration spending a bit, for appearances sake at least.



Evan Williams Confused By Babies

Evan Williams, CEO of the online neurosis exposer twitter, has a baby or something. He spends a lot of time on twitter talking about the wonderment of baby development. More accurately, he spends a lot of time being confounded by baby development:

You’d think babies would be confused by mirrors, but they seem to seem normal. about 11 hours ago via web

I don’t know why people feel the need to tweet every step of their boring walk through parenthood. I guess after tweeting the entire delivery the proud producers of the human containing combined genetic information feel Twitter Baby’s every gurgle worth sharing.

Spoiler alert: babies are boring. Yours too. Until it’s old enough to shoot student nurses from a clock tower or cure cancer it’s not worth tweeting about, Ev.



Julia Allison Has Always Been At War With Realitysia

Julia Allison, who totally looks pre-frosh and you haters can suck it, used to have a blog and a job or something. Now she is just a 30 year old woman accompanying her Dadsers to his 40 year college reunion. In her head-to-toe Princeton colours theme outfit she is sure to be mistaken as an alumni, right? In the meantime she is making sure Daddykins gets his learnin on:

At the first of today’s Princeton Reunion lectures: “Journalism in the Age of New Media” … I dragged my dad along. 😉 23 minutes ago via Echofon

See Daddy? If Princeton (PRINCETON!!!) legitimizes my faux career you’ll keep financing my life, right? I’m not just a failed blogger – I’m a new media journalist! Except I’m more of a new media personality. Except not really anymore, but maybe if I win Prom Fameball Queen at some circle jerk prom party!

Whatever. Julia Allison is just sad now. I like to make fun of her retarded theme getups, but that’s about it lately. It feels like I’m kicking a retarded kid in a helmet in gym class and stealing his Dr. Pepper. We all know she will tweet some shit like “Just got mistaken for an alumni!” or “Was asked to give impromptu speech at the New Media Experts Squirtguns and Champagne Party!” It’s all just…sad. Validate me, internet! OMG tell me I’m awesome!

She just needs to get married laid already.



Mary Rambin Had Nothing To Say

Mary Rambin, branding consultant, took yesterday off because blogging is hard and she had nothing to say:

I don’t have anything to say today.

Sorry, just not in the talkative mood I guess…which is strange…but I really only blog when I have something to say. Today, I got nothin’.

Not to worry, I’m perfectly content. Happy as a clam. Just not inspired.

Hope you have a nice day!

Following her lead were her millions of female fans, who just weren’t in a working mood and took the day off from work. In unrelated news, mass firings of women were reported nationwide yesterday for ‘being lazy entitled bitches’.