“Handbasket” Thinks Churches Should Stop Worrying About Sex Offenders

Mrs. Handbasket, pro-sex offender, is at it again. This time Handy’s telling churches “how a congregation should respond to sex offenders among them”. Blasting the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America for publishing a legal guide for dealing with sex offenders in their congregations, Handbasket begins at the point that is always central to their mind – p**ophiles.

Let’s begin with the casual use of that frightful word, p**ophiles. Most sex offenders are not p**ophiles, not even those who offend against children. Most p**ophiles are not sex offenders. p**ophile is a word meant to frighten you.

Handbasket claims the “recidivism rate of sex offenders is extremely low” and balks at the suggestion that sex offenders not be allowed to use church restroom facilities alone. After trying to refute the idea that these rules are in place to assure congregants of “the role of the church as “sanctuary,””, Handy then goes on to complain that those convicted of non-sexual crimes have no such restrictions and how is that fair, people?

Since Handbasket has already claimed child cornography isn’t rape we probably shouldn’t be surprised by anything they say anymore.