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Healthy Alternative’s Boyfriend Will Post On Her Blog

Healthy Alternative, some HLB tumblr, has a new baby and a job and evidently hasn’t been posting much. Most people probably assumed she was just busy with a newborn and supporting her stay at home dad boyfriend – until this showed up on her blog:

My boyfriend has been really supportive and has tried dieting with me, but I just cant seem to stay on course. I am up around 180lbs and my boyfriend has begun to get turned off from me sexually due to my weight and lack of motivation. When we got together I was fit and ambitious. Now I am lazy and unmotivated. This blog has gone to shit. My relationship has gone to shit…My boyfriend has been under a lot of stress being a stay-at-home dad, and my leaving him home all day then coming home smelling like cigarettes, eating gross chinese food then passing out before fulfilling his sexual needs (for weeks) has driven him away.

An outpouring of support followed, full of advice and hugs, and she went on to respond to reader messages with the news that “I actually created this blog after he sent me a traumatizing email about my weight…” Then a surprising follow up post appeared a couple of hours later:

Just to clarify…
My boyfriend wrote that post while I was at work and that is what I came home to.
I’m going to leave it up because it’s 95% true and I need a fresh start…

Of course, speculation has now begun about whether her boyfriend actually wrote the post. But if he did…wtf? Why would a woman come home, see that her boyfriend posted that on her blog, and then respond with “hopefully he still believes in me”?

Girl, naw.