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Healthy Tipping Point Retires Blog

Caitlin Boyle announced today that she would be closing her 7 1/2 year old blog, Healthy Tipping Point.

Blogging was not always easy. To share 7.5 years of my life on the Internet – there is bound to be some low points. But I wouldn’t change that…I always said that I wouldn’t do this forever.  I knew it would have a natural conclusion from the very start.  And now that my kids are older, that moment is here.

She says she craves “more privacy” for herself and her kids, and will “probably not update IG but may pop in every now and then”. Fangirls are apparently crying at their desks at work and saying they are “shocked and so sad”. I guess time will tell if Caitlin really actually peaces out, but since Dooce redefined what quitting blogging actually means I am pretty cynical when anyone says they’re out.