Hey Natalie Jean Is Moving Back To Idaho


Hey Natalie Jean, has a loft in Brooklyn, is apparently leaving Brooklyn.

The Holbrooks are moving back to Moscow, Idaho.

In a totally believable statement she claims she is “giddy with excitement” right after opining that “Brooklyn I am not done with you!…Tub? Are you going to sit there and let this happen?” Natalie goes on to say she is “soooo getting chickens this time” and “a goat!!!!!!!”

Since about 95% of her online persona/identity is wrapped up in her omgbrooklynloft and being a Brooklyn hipster creative I look forward to seeing what persona she takes on after her move.

  1. Nacho Wasted

    At the risk of sounding like an East Coast snob, I’d imagine the cost of living is much,much, much lower in Idaho than OMGBrooklyn (heck, aside from San Francisco, I’d imagine anywhere is cheaper). If Rattoo was schilling for Forever 21 just to afford Huck’s preschool (yeah, yeah, I know) this is probably a better move for the family as a whole.

    Just watch: TazaN’Crew will immediately move to Brooklyn as soon as Nat’s Haul pulls away.

    • not a gift

      Maybe they’ll even rent her loft!

    • Countess Crackerjacks

      Yeah, but Brandon will be taking a huge paycut. NYC tax attorneys make good money. Non tenured professors at state Us? Not so much. I bet they are going from a six figure situation to a five figure situation. Even with the lower cost of living, it’s going to be a shock. Nat may not even be able to afford Madewell anymore!

      • scarletbegonia

        I think most NYers could totally make the pay cut work because of the lower cost of living. But no matter what the Holbrooks save on rent, preschool tuition, utilities, etc., Nat will continue her relentless shopping schedule. Gotta acquire more striped t-shirts and black boots than all the other professors’s wives!

    • $Bills Yall

      You’ve obviously never looked at real estate in Portland or Seattle. Portland actually outranks even OMGNYC for income to cost ratio, second only to Hawaii.

      Surprised she hasn’t moved to Portland with the rest of Brooklyn, especially since her parents live there.

      • porkchacho

        Curious, is that because of the influx of people?

      • Nacho Wasted

        Very interesting. My SIL is moving to Seattle and making such a big deal about how the COL is sooo much cheaper there.

      • doritos are manna

        Yeah, Portland has really jumped the real estate shark. I grew up there in the 60’s and 70’s (I’m old, lol) but have lived in Chicago most of my adult life. Hubs and I would like to retire in Portland, but we may be priced out of the market…and we are coming from Chicago.

  2. missminty

    I remember when she lived in Moscow before, 2008-2010 era, and that’s when I discovered her blog and I actually really liked her. The move to (back) to New York was terrible because she tried to become famous or whatever and I stopped reading. Maybe this will be a good thing?

    • The Mr. Beaumont

      Agree. I liked her blog back then too. It seemed more honest and a lot less try-hard. But I don’t think she’ll ever go back to that.

    • Enoughready

      I still read/enjoy Natalie but liked her entries more from that era. I think this will be a good and grounding thing for her & her family. This puts them a lot closer to her extended family also.

    • Regina Phalange

      I liked her back then too. I haven’t read her blog in probably a good two years now so it would be good to see her remove her head from her arse and get back to what made her good in the first place.

    • Diet Coke on my Hardwood Floor

      Yup, ditto. I googled and found this old post. It was sweet and sincere. I hope she can come back to that place emotionally as well as physically.

  3. Gluten-Free Cat Lady



    • brave + true is what

      lol I like how we can interpret the “Chav” in “Chaviva” as chav since she kind of is one…

    • Apeeling Attire

      She will never leave her frawnch at the door. You’ll have to pry it from her cold, dead, faux-frawnch hands.

  4. joydivider21

    I predict a Ramshackle Glam moves to the burbs country house meltdown OR a Bleubird on the farm scenario for the Kor-Jew-Pioneer Hipster.

  5. Notarize!

    I know a little bit about the public accounting/tax world. If Holbs is a “manager” or “senior consultant” in transfer pricing at E&Y, it begs the question–why didn’t he ever make director or partner? Didn’t want it? Wasn’t qualified? No room near the top? If they are willing to move, and he was qualified, he could have easily moved to another E&Y location in another city and made director/partner there. Directors/partners at this large of firm (E&Y is one of the top 4 public accounting/tax firms) would make at least $250k starting. I dunno, in academia in a smaller city they will have less stress definitely… but it can’t be good for the blog.

    • Your Tampa is Showing

      His quick exit to academia is interesting. It’s not that difficult to go from private practice or working at that type of job to teaching in the tax law world, but it is very, very difficult to go the other way. Does this mean he’s done with that type of work forever?

      I plan to go teach tax law at my (state school) alma mater too, but it will be when I am tired of the grind of law firm life and have made enough money to otherwise retire.

    • tvsociety

      He will never make $250k/year in academia. Unless he’s in medicine or econ at like… Duke and even then it’s unlikely. I’d be shocked if a tenure track job in field in that location pays more than $75k/year. Maybe in engineering but in accounting, probably closer to $55k.

      • Notarize!

        I agree. I said he would make $250k/year if he made partner/director at a large firm like E&Y. No way in heck would he make that in academia. I agree, max he will make $75-100k teaching.

        • tvsociety

          Oh yeah… I know you weren’t saying he would make it in academia. I am just shocked because if he could make it in that field why would he make the move to academia which pays notoriously bad compared to the professional world in a field like his.

      • EarlyEarthquake

        But there’s summer school and grants and he might have some consulting or tax work lined up too. He’s a fancy ex-Brooklynite, who DOESN’T want to hire him? 😉

  6. The Mr. Beaumont

    I actually sense some sadness/frustration in her post (especially at the end when she actually reveals it’s Moscow). Methinks she is not too stoked on the move.

    • Delusions of Adequacy

      The lady doth protest too much. Or something. She is extremely manic in that post and she literally wrote this “…and I am so excited for Huck to see the place he was named for, and for him to have the kind of space to play in in the place he was named for to discover in himself the kind of rascally mischievous boy he was named for, too”. She says “the place he was named for” three times in one sentence ffs.

      I think she is extremely unhappy about this move and is just trying to pretend she’s all about it because some bloggers seem incapable of admitting things didn’t work out as they would have liked.

      • AlbieQuirky

        I don’t understand this. Is his name Henry Idaho Holbrook?

      • Douche Baguette

        I think she is extremely unhappy about this move and is just trying to pretend she’s all about it because some bloggers seem incapable of admitting things didn’t work out as they would have liked.

        This. Nobody who’s happy to be relocating writes: “And anyway you’re not even going to be able to handle it when I tell you where we’re moving to. Get out your slightly crazy-sounding bubbling laughter. I did, it helped. And then I cried by myself in the bathtub for a while.”

        And notice the very passive-aggressive way she writes about how her husband basically sprung the move on her?

        • BoysLikeGirls

          Her husband sprung a paycheck on her … what a horrible man. If you had a job maybe he would have considered you a little more vs y’all being dependent on his paycheck.

          She can’t be mad if she isn’t the breadwinner.

        • Delusions of Adequacy

          She’s a blogger so who is to say Strangles actually blind sided her with this? She throws him under the bus at every opportunity is snide about him very often. I think she is putting on this facade so that she doesn’t come off as an asshole who doesn’t support her husband. That and, as I said, bloggers, especially Mormon bloggers or those who were Mormon, rarely let their true feelings out unless they smell like unicorn farts. I do think Strangles reached down by his ankles and pulled his balls back up so that he could put his foot down without trodding on his scrotum though.

          And you know what? Moving somewhere you don’t want to go is not the end of the world. You suck it up and you make the most of it. I’m speaking from experience and I do not regret moving for a job just because I never imagined and never wanted to live in Texas. I just put on my big girl blouse and got on with it and I’m happy where I am even though this state and the areas I’m in haven’t molded themselves into what I want them to be.

  7. I just love when I’m away from home for a few days and shit like this breaks. The internet here only works if I stand in a certain place in the yard, hold my right foot at a 45 degree angle, and on my tippy toes with my left. I WISH I was kidding. Ok, I’m kidding about the feet, but not the certain place in the yard,

    What will Natty be now? What will she do with her French underwear? Will she be Mormon again?

    Why do I have visions of Katie Granju type chicken killing?

  8. potatohead

    Honestly, this is the best thing to happen to Nat in years. Some space to run around, less naval-gazing and perhaps a nod back to not being a BKLYN try-hard? I might actually start reading again.

    • minxy

      I agree. She seems lost, miserable and lonely in Brooklyn. maybe a house or apartment with a real bedroom will mean she gets her second baby. The three of them living in that idiotic one room loft pandering to her early mid life crisis is one of the craziest things ever.
      Hope once she gets over the shock that she loves it.

      • potatohead

        Yeah, she has been totally lost in New York. Natalie works best as a kind of funky person in a sea of normal, not as a try hard in a city way too cool for her.

        I’m sure it’ll be nice having Brandon at home during the evening too. But man, the reduced salary is probably going to make her go mental.

  9. RedundantUsernameUsername

    Is she going to take her tattoos with her? Seems tragic to separate them from their OHSOBrooklyn heritage.

  10. Lurks-a-lot

    Moscow, ID is on the Washington state border and is right next to Pullman, WA, where Washington State University is located. It is a very large university, with a better reputation than the University of Idaho, I wonder if he is actually going to teach there but they will live in Moscow?

    • missminty

      That’s what they did before when he was in school. They lived in Moscow and he went to both Washingnton State and University of Idaho (MBA at one, JD at the other). It’s probably not a long commute, and maybe cheaper?

  11. Derpnado

    Oh how I WISH she was about to be stuck in the craptastic hellhole that is eastern Idaho with Strangles teaching at ISU.
    Actually, if it was someone witty and clever, it would be an interesting chapter to the blog. Having to survive the culture shock and the being a No-Mo in a place that has as many Mormon Mommies as SLC only these are the frumpy country cousins of SLC mommy mafia. Just as catty, not as worldly or educated (so not trying to be mean but it’s the truth)
    I’d actually read it if it was written by someone who could actually write. But Moscow?? Moscow is pretty, interesting, not as ridiculously LDS as this area, you can skip right over to WA or OR with ease for things like seeing bands or just getting the feck out of Idaho for a few days. There’s no story there, she’ll be just another youngish mother with a small child in a cute house with a husband that teaches at the university.
    At least she will probably GOMI and even make some friends there.

  12. Two Taco Sarah

    Doesn’t he only have a Masters degree? In most universities I know of that would make him an instructor, not a professor, not to mention non-tenure track. Maybe econ does a lot better than other fields I know of but that seems like it would be one hell of a pay cut.

    • Your Tampa is Showing

      Do we know whether he’s teaching in the law school or business school? If he’s teaching tax in the law school, most professors have a LL.M. as their terminal degree. It’s weird in law, because you do the JD first and then the LL.M (which is a master’s). I see he got his LL.M at NYU, which has the best program in the country. Still seems strange any school would think that an LL.M. a few years ago and a few years of mid-level experience at E&Y qualify you to be a professor, but maybe they are having a hard time filling the position (particularly if it’s not a tenure track position, as most of us think).

  13. Sponsoredcontent

    I don’t think his career trajectory is THAT weird, other than the bazillion post-grad degrees before ever getting a job. People leave law firm life (and, I’m assuming, accounting firm life) at every rung along the way. Four years is solidly midlevel, it probably would have been great for him to stick it out to 5-7 for more experience and credibility but if corporate life isn’t for you there’s no point asking whether you’ll make partner or whatever the equivalent is at E&Y. (Full disclosure, I’m coming up on year 8 and asking myself why I didn’t GTFO already.) Moreover, many law profs start teaching (not tenure track) right after their JD with no work experience at all (I know tax law is a bit more complicated hence the LLM). Many schools have formal or informal visiting assistant professorship programs that give the new academic time to publish before competing for tenure track positions, so maybe he’s doing something like that (I’m assuming he’s not really published much, if at all). Point being, there’s no one way to break into academia.

    That said, all the snarking in the world for the “professor’s wife”. She’s going to have some trouble around the real professors’ wives (some of whom may, gasp, be professors themselves!) if that’s the identity she’s going with.

    • harpy

      Oh wow, the other professors’ wives are going to think she’s such an idiot.

      • AlbieQuirky

        If he’s teaching in the law school, the law school faculty is about half women. Imagine what they’ll think of Hey Fat Rat.