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Hey Natalie Jean Leaves Blogging: “I’m just really over it”

Hey Natalie Jean, former instagram darling and book author, is saying goodbye to blogging. She says she agonized a bit over her “flounce” post.

What did I want to say in this, my very last blog post? What are the messages? The themes!? What does a reader even look for in a good flounce post anyway? I definitely wanted it to be, like, AN ESSAY. You know, one of the good ones. Make it mean something!…But the more I thought about it the more I was sure, I’m just really over it.

Thus, instead of the long thoughtful essay, she got right to the point.

So, this is it. After ten years of blogging, I am closing up shop.

Natalie says she will “leave the archives up for a bit” and might be on social media “from time to time”, though she hasn’t decided whether she will set things to private or not. She ends by saying she is “pretty proud of the career I made here, and I owe a lot to you guys”.

  1. Elegant Baby Turtle

    Whoa. She GOMIed.

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  2. Slippery knot

    Good. Sincerely. I hope she focuses on her actual life, and makes use of the 10000 privileges she has and does something great for humanity.

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    • wolf in sheeples clothing

      Just being present in her own life and not living for clicks would be a good step.

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  3. JAF

    Bye Felicia!

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  4. Leigh

    What will she actually do now? How does one go from constant head-pats to nothing?

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    • English Butcher Shop

      Have they been constant of late? It seems to have all faded and she sounds truly ready to let it go. A 2000-word essay would signify otherwise.

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  5. in soviet russia dog strangles you

    If she stands in front of a wall now and doesn't post a picture, did it ever really happen?

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  6. in soviet russia dog strangles you

    Why is her last post all about "the Target"... Who calls it THE Target? It's just Target, Nat.

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    • Ja'Crispy

      Her very first post was called "In which I love the target" so it was a call back to that. I have mixed feelings about her departure. Ok honestly I think I might be a little sad. She made some duuuumb mistakes but I also feel she was pretty honest and one of the "realer" bloggers. Plus her kid is cute and I like the way she decorates even if it's a little contrived...I know I KNOW!

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    • Debbie Downer

      Wait why are people NOPE!ing this? Do some people actually say "THE Target" instead of just "Target"?

      I don't really care, I've just never heard it called "The Target" and it's fascinating to me.

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      • stankbutt

        Look at the nopes across the board - either Nat's fingers are cramping up from the ghost nopes, or members of the site GOMI don't actually know what GOMI stands for, and are appalled when people talk about bloggers Getting Off My Internets.

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  7. myfakie

    Good riddance!

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  8. potatohead

    I've always WKed for Natalie because I have a soft spot for her. I hope she finds happiness and joy in her life now, and I think a little less introspection is probably the best thing for her. Vaya con dios, Natalie! May all your dreams become reality.

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    • Released from gluten

      I feel the same way - I do hope she finds happiness in Idaho or wherever. That first Target post she references was one of my favorite things she ever wrote.

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      • potatohead

        Yeah, when she was on she was on. I think she has true writing talent and her issue was more that she went from writing observationally to just reporting on her daily life. (Which, I understand. I'm not sure there's a ton of audience for a person who's just like "every 3 months or so I'm going to randomly write about _____!") I know she misses NYC but I feel like she was unhappier there, trying to chase blogger fame and being iced from the MMM. I hope she gets herself some really great friends in Idaho and has a blast.

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  9. Uvabird

    Is she Dooce-quitting or actually quitting?
    How many bloggers have we seen who have quit but resurrected quicker than Jesus?

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    • Carefully Curated Collards

      I agree. Although I bet dollars to homeless donuts* that she will use and abuse her Instagram privileges. Where else can she shill coffee creamer and denimEVERYTHING??
      *I know that's the other Natalie I just couldn't help myself.

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  10. Nothing here

    Nat took some well deserved major torp**o hits during her blogging career over her huge faux pas but I still find a soft place in my heart for her and wish her well.

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  11. Husbands with bragworthy jobs

    I hope this move brings her toward more honesty with herself.

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  12. It's Cristal Now

    Anytime a blogger flounces, I'm just like...


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    • It's Cristal Now



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      • wolf in sheeples clothing

        How was that a flounce? Doesn't a flounce generally have 'you guys are mean/imma take my ball and go home'? She didn't do a Doocev2 and try to rebrand or scream she just can't do sponsored soul-sucking posts and then continue anyway.
        Or even pull a Peevyhouse. *sniff* I miss GhostBev.

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  13. em

    Well good for nat, and I mean that nicely. I do think she has some writing flair, if she went back to school, learned something and got away from her Mormon upbringing which seems designed to make girls as useless as possible.

    Her twitter says former mormon mommy blogger, fantastic chicken doula, not NYC. I think she has had a good run and time to put her big girl pants on and get a job to help suppor her family.

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