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Hey Natalie Mean Still Opening Her Mouth

After some drama including an apparent breakup and later re-engagement, Hey Natalie Jean’s little sister is finally walking down the aisle. Natalie has expressed some barely concealed hostility towards her sister’s man in the past. Regardless, she and her Motherboy are obviously attending the wedding and she’s obviously going to be instagramming away the boredom of not being the center of attention.

Eyerollingly the family drama has already publicly reared itself in Natalie’s first image – Motherboy on a pile of luggage. When one of her fangirls mentioned that Natalie was on her way to a wedding, sweet kind perpetual foot snacker Nat responded with a snarky reference to the couple’s recent troubles, saying “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

Evidently Bratalie’s future brother-in-law has had just about enough and in true Lovin Family fashion brought that ish onto the internet:


Oh to be a caffeine free beverage on that reception table. Keep it classy, Nat & Co.!