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HLBs Will Begin A War Over Misleading Photos

Taralynn McNitt, salad blogger, is apparently the queen of flattering photo angles that erase about 20 lbs. Unfortunately for her she went on some kind of fitness vacation with a bunch of other bloggers, who had no problem posting pics of Taralynn in all her unedited glory.

One HLB even responded to a commenter on her recap post regarding TL’s wildly different appearance in her pictures versus the pictures posted by other attendees.


What’s that, you say? A blogger posting inaccurate selfies, who cares Alice? Well really no one would care…except for the fact that she uses these misleading photos to sell herself as a fitspo salad pusher – which makes some people blast her for causing eating disorders among her followers or something. But some folks are “over” poor Taralynn being blamed for anyone’s disordered habits.

Finally, I’m over everyone blaming Taralynn’s blog for creating “full-blown” eating disorders.  YOU are responsible for your actions; stop blaming others and grow up.  Taralynn has deep rooted issues and constantly playing the victim is denial and an excuse not to own up to her mistakes.  That is exactly what these accusers are doing as well.

So if you enjoy some quality HLB slapfighting and drama and want to kill some time this fine Monday afternoon, head on over to the Salads in the South thread. Then come back and explain to me what the hole is going on because honestly I cannot sort it all out.