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“Honey We’re Home” Deleted Your Email

Megan, of “Honey We’re Home”, finds email such a major stressor in her life that she took a brave step this weekend.

On Saturday morning, I had 980 emails in my Honey We’re Home inbox.  Seriously, I really needed to get control of those emails.  They are a combination of all the comments that come via email, reader questions that I need to respond to, advertising inquiries, press releases, and spam/junk that have built up over the last several months.

So, I did something radical.  I deleted. them. all.  In a matter of seconds, my email inbox was empty.  I want to respond directly to all reader emails, but right now, I just can’t do it… I don’t think there were too many reader emails that I hadn’t responded to, but if I didn’t get to yours, I apologize and hope you understand.

So…is this a thing now? Is it now acceptable to tell your readers “hey sorry but I hit delete all and didn’t reply to your emails, sorry, lylas!” and have them still respond with fawning comments about how awesome you are? Personally if I  had taken the time to email a blog I enjoyed and then saw a post informing me that my email was about as important as retail spam, I’d probably be making a WTF? face for an hour.

I mean, I think most of us know that when we email someone we may or may not get a response because people have lives and jobs etc., and sometimes things don’t get read right away. Fine. But announcing that you just deleted their “comments” and “questions” en masse because you are just so stressed out from your inbox doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that should be announced to your readers publicly on your blog.