How Dare A Country Not Be Up To The Standards of Sarah?

Sarah Lacy, professional complainer, has found a new reason to spew her justifiable rage: Brazil refused to drop everything and cater to her whims.

Apparently TechCrunch\’s resident Mariah Carey waited too long to  get her visa and was unable to secure the necessary permissions to enter the number one country for tech reporting. When she finally got off her tuchas and tried to scramble together the crap she should have done 2 months ago, the consulate had the audacity to be upgrading their systems! What the ?

You want foreign investment and attention, Brazil? Here\’s an idea: LET PEOPLE ENTER THE DAMN COUNTRY. You want to show your IT prowess? How about outfitting your consulates with computer systems that work? …The country should be embarrassed.

Any country that does not immediately shuffle Sarah \”I think I\’m the Diana Ross of tech writing\” Lacy to the top of its priority list SHOULD be embarrassed. I doubt Brazil will ever fully recover from the damning impression they made on \”smoking\” hot Lacy considering how respected her opinion is. I only hope that the entire country can eventually shake off the shame, perhaps by slapping their notoriously hot bodies into thongs, and having a frolic on the beach will help them think about what they\’ve done.