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How Dare Twitter Not Verify Lynette’s Account

Lynette Young, apparently important and famous, is having a nice little “don’t you know who I am” huff on twitter.

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Yes twitter, that bon mot graveyard for the 40 somethings who refuse to figure out snapchat, has denied her request for the Verified Badge that everyone on social media drools over. Despite having a whopping 14,000 followers and namedropping Biz Stone, Ms. Literally One Of The First was unable to get that ego validating blue checkmark. Can you believe this? Can nothing be done to right this injustice?

  1. MissMorland


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    • Twitter has always been lackadaisical in their reasoning for...everything, really, but this just screams "thirst".

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      • Snarls Snarkley

        I think you mean FIRST!!!1!!

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      • Dame Helen Chichester

        Forget all the hate speech and harassment on Twitter... THIS is the true injustice!!!

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    • Exactly.

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    • oh get over yourself Melanie


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    • Right on Top of That Rose

      You mean you don't know Lynette Young, longstanding public figure in digital media?

      Yeah, I've never heard of her either.

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      • I don't know how anyone wouldn't know Lynette Young, person who has had past interactions with those dudes who made twitter. Why it's like not knowing who the Kardashians are.

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  2. oh, you

    *sees this post*
    *looks up account*
    *sees rando RT of poop entrepreneurs, contest entries, something about diffusers that clearly looks like an #ad tweet without the actual hashtag, and Maytag/Dooce style complaining about brands*

    Yeah, it's a real mystery why she wasn't given the magic blue tick.

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    • SkortsForSports

      Thirsty and an MLM shill. Gross.

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      • Jan74 smells like hashtags

        I only know this creature as a friend of Cecily's, so I could have guessed she was gross.

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  3. Snarls Snarkley

    "Biz personally hand-created my first Twitter account" #artisanaltwitteraccount

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    • Seaside Honey Fantasia


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    • #artisanaltwitteraccount

      Beautiful. Absolute beautiful! 😀

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    • SnarkAndCircumstAnce

      I believe the proper phrase is "hand crafted."

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    • Jan74 smells like hashtags

      Was it also small batch?

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  4. #artisanaltwitteraccount


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  5. KipDynamite

    Idk who she or this Biz person is.

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    • SnarkAndCircumstAnce

      Biz Stone is the founder of Twitter. Lynette Young is...well I don't know what she is. A friend of Cecily's?

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  6. Bunny Swan

    Who dis?

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  7. SnarkAndCircumstAnce

    I know who Lynette Young is. I see her at conferences sometimes. No one seems to know what she actually does. She has no job to speak of. She thinks she's importance but there's nothing to back that up. Twitter knows what it's doing.

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    • SnarkAndCircumstance

      Correction. She's very important. She wrote a book four years ago about Google+. A whopping 78 whole pages. She founded a group called the "Women of Google+" which seems to be doing an awful lot of good now.

      Her Amazon bio

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      • Destas Ponytail

        Her last post on Google+ was in April.

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      • MissMorland

        I take it her previous work included "Betamax and You" and "AOL for the 2010s"?

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        • KitchenAid Mixer

          "MySpace and Marketing: How to grow your business through glitter logos"

          "Friendster - the ultimate untapped market"

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  8. Raging BitchSlap



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    • sparklemotion

      She's complaining about Twitter on Facebook? What is her life...

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    • Jay Bee

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  9. underground bummer culture

    She... pinned a screen cap of her Facebook rant on Twitter? So she's not embarrassed that in a moment of weakness she had a little freak-out, I guess. Yikes.

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    • Curator of my Children's Privacy

      I bet she wants her "14+k followers" to start a petition to get her a verified twitter account.

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  10. Anyone remember when she threw a fit on Twitter because some blizzard prevented her from flying to some conference where she was scheduled to speak. Most important

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  11. Purple21

    I second this complaint. My daughter hand created an Apple i-phone for me out of cardboard and the Apple people aren't treating me like First Princess either.

    Who do I speak to about this?

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    • What am I doing here

      Duh, just hit star and pound on your special Apple phone. It will connect you directly to Steve Jobs.

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      • Raging BitchSlap

        Steve Jobs doesn't listen. Just the other day I shared a Facebook post that said "Steve Jobs is going to give away one million Macbook Airs but you have to share this post to be eligible to win. " but nothing happened. I even wrote to Apple and said "Steve Jobs hand posted that comment to Facebook himself. " I can't trust Apple and now I see I can't trust Twitter. If you can't trust such influential companies, no one has our backs.

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      • Purple21

        I tried hitting star and pound on the cardboard Apple phone and nothing happened when I called, but my three year old seems to get through just fine.
        I am starting to think Apple has a personal vendetta against me...

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  12. urban gypsy

    She needs to get verified to "access the tools" you guys. This is very serious! Quit making fun!

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    • New Colorways!

      I have all the access to tools I could ever need or want. I'll give her my number.

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  13. Chevre Mushrooms

    Well that's interesting because Twitter was open to the public in summer 2006 with thousands of followers already and it looks like this lady joined in Feb 2007.

    Also... it's not very difficult to get 14,000 followers when you're following 11,000 yourself. Nice try though.

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    • special snowflake

      Excuse you, she said her first account not her current one.

      An aside, I've always thought it would be so funny to have a verified check mark, you know, with my 80 followers and default egg avatar. Think of all the #sofamous bloggers who have paid for followers it would enrage.

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