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Hugo Schwyzer Stops Blogging Oh Wait No He Doesn’t


Hugo Schwyzer, won’t let you forget he’s the real victim in all this, announced on September 30th that he would no longer be writing or blogging, saying he could “do no more serious good writing as Hugo Schwyzer”. In typical Hugo fashion his resolve lasted less than a week before he was back on his blog, publishing and deleting posts with all the natural passive aggressive flair of a 14 year old girl on LiveJournal.

Now Huggy has a new post up, a post that will surely make you see that he is the ultimate male feminist – because he has been the victim of men too!

The breakthrough came in therapy this week. I had been raped. It happened in 1986, a generation ago, when I was an attention-starved 19 year-old. My rapist was an older Navy sailor, a massive man.

Yes folks, he is now rewriting the story of an encounter he has apparently previously portrayed as “hot” and “consensual” as a brutal and violent sexual assault. And he’s not just your average assault victim – he’s a double victim because he’s a man!

Technically, I was a legal adult when I was raped by a man twice my age. Had I been a 19 year-old girl assaulted by a sailor in his 40s, there might have been more sympathy…

I don’t mean to be cynical here, but isn’t this a rather convenient moment for a sympathy inducing 27 year old rape claim? Wouldn’t this revelation have done more good back when he was running with the feminists and acting like men are terrible monsters? And how does he keep getting access to the internet?