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Hugo Schwyzer Will Ghostwrite Your Article About Hugo Schwyzer

It seems Hugo Schwyzer, too many problems to list, isn’t content to use only internet flounces and repeated twitter meltdowns to manufacture dialogue about himself. Lesley Kinzel has now claimed that Schwyzer is trying to tell people what to write about him as he attempts to craft his new persona:

Hugo Schwyzer has emailed me directly to offer suggestions for how I should write about what a monster he is…I personally believe that Schwyzer is now trying to construct a new redemption narrative that he can rebuild some semblance of a career on, I am extremely resistant to do what he has literally asked me to do and play along by writing up a piece about how terrible he is and how he totally “fooled” me, thereby keeping him at the center of the conversation and sustaining his media frenzy.

And so the list of Schwyzer’s manipulations continues to grow. Seriously is there any shady thing this guy WON’T do?