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Hullosam Can Internet While Driving

Hullosam, safety first, loves summer. She loves driving with the windows open, dancing and singing to music. How do we know this? Hullosam records it for the internet.



Yes, Hullosam enjoys taking selfies while driving – or we should say she’ll enjoy it until her car flies into a ravine and goes up in an A-Team style fireball mid-upload – to share with the interwebs. And it’s not just still selfies; Hullosam also seems to make a habit of filming videos while she drives.

Nothing says “safety” like filming yourself duckface dancing behind the wheel. The only thing that would be more safety aware is filming the road while you drive for no discernible purpose.

Since Cecily Kellogg recently posted (and quickly deleted) a driving selfie of her own, I have to wonder if this is going to be a new acceptable behavior for social media morons. You’d think the fact that it’s illegal in most places and a frequent cause of driving fatalities would make these attention wh**es rethink this sort of thing, but I suppose the ego monster must be fed no matter what.