Instagram WTF

If You Are Looking For A New Honey Boo Boo, Madelene Has This Daughter

Madelene, Barbie’s trashy rural cousin she never invites to the Dream House, has joined the world of pimpmoms. She created an instagram account for her two year old daughter and offers her up as a “BRANDREP” for free tiny thigh high  boots and toddler sized daisy duke shorts.


An example from bellaelizabethblack instagram account.

She does adorable things like dress her daughter up like a miniature extra in a Warrant video and poses her on her knees, has her tousle her blond hair and blow kisses, and coats her mouth with red lipstick while she enjoys a sucker. There’s so much mama-daughter fun! I’m sure you’ll enjoy this pleasant, innocent diversion during your weekend.

  1. Bellafortuna

    Move over, Kinsley, there is a new pimp mom in town.

    • KipDynamite

      Mte. Though, unlike Tiffany, this crazy b**** responds to people. She attacked a woman who was concerned about the kid by calling her a “pedifile” (as she smugly corrected through woman’s misspelling of the word pose). She also acted like the critic dresses like crap (she doesn’t), yet her 50yo ass has the nerve to wear crop tops and daisy dukes.

      • K8s Snapchat Soliloquies

        yeah, neither mother nor daughter have any business wearing that outfit. This lady takes exploitation of a child to a whole new level. What always astounds me with fame-hungry, child-pimping parents like this is there no one in her life who would point out how ridiculous and horrific these images are????? Aunt? Grandma? Friend? HUSBAND?? Jeez, that poor child.

    • Dame Helen Chichester

      Seriously. She’s selling something in this photo, and it’s not a necklace.

      • PSA Today

        In case anyone is like me and dim this Monday: she went private so none of the instagram links on this post will work.

  2. Top Hat Fancy

    I just want to rage quit humanity. Da fuq man….

  3. hole in the wall

    I’m know I’m not a parent or anything but I’m pretty sure putting your 2 year old in 2 inch heels is a terrible idea.

  4. Passionfruit

    Sweet snapping duckshit, I am at a loss for words.

    No, actually I’m not. She’s a beautiful little girl. Why would you look at such a beautiful little thing and think ‘I know what would make her look better, lets dress her in s**tty clothes with a face full of makeup?, then she’ll be perfect!’.

    I despair, I really do.

  5. lenathediva

    Just when you think that these social media wh**es can’t get any lower, they take you to the curb.

    • GobsmackedCelt

      And then push you over into the gutter.

      • I am the walrus, goo goo g' joob

        And then prostitute themselves from said gutter.

  6. hashtagsobrave

    What the what? Does this sweet baby not have a father who sees these pictures and thinks, “He** NO, I don’t want some PERVERT looking at my child on the www!” I just don’t understand why a parent(s) think dressing their children (who really have no say in the matter) like adult film stars is ok.

  7. Eweweweweweww

    I know this is nothing compared to basically everything on that account, but why is she airbrushing the shit out of her kid’s face? Her pictures look like a toddlers & tiara’s pageant photo.

    • Severus Snark

      She does it to her own face and legs something freaky, too.

      Are we sure she’s not one of Tiffany’s (literal IIRC) triplet sisters?

  8. Headpat Junquie

    Trashy is as trashy does.

  9. drNicole

    I love where she calls a commentor a pervert for “stalking” a two year old’s IG page, then says that she hopes the lady never posts pictures of their kids online because they would be made fun of for their ugly clothes. WHAT?

    • MissMorland

      Wow. Just in case it wasn’t clear that she’s mentally stuck in junior high. “Yeah, well your mom dresses you funny, nyah!” is such a tweenybopper mean-girl way of “winning” an argument.

  10. Ghost chair

    What the actual f**k Why oh why oh why have these clothes even been manufactured??!

  11. Severus Snark

    I wish I didn’t know that infant string bikinis existed.

    • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

      If anyone wants to join me, I’ll be in the corner getting wasted, and crying about the endless parade of pukewaffle pimping out their babies.etTyBl

  12. biscuits and crazy

    All we need is for her to start glitz pageants and she will have gone full HBB

  13. Bmo

    NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! What is wrong with these parents!???