Instagram WTF

If You Are Looking For A New Honey Boo Boo, Madelene Has This Daughter

Madelene, Barbie’s trashy rural cousin she never invites to the Dream House, has joined the world of pimpmoms. She created an instagram account for her two year old daughter and offers her up as a “BRANDREP” for free tiny thigh high  boots and toddler sized daisy duke shorts.


An example from bellaelizabethblack instagram account.

She does adorable things like dress her daughter up like a miniature extra in a Warrant video and poses her on her knees, has her tousle her blond hair and blow kisses, and coats her mouth with red lipstick while she enjoys a sucker. There’s so much mama-daughter fun! I’m sure you’ll enjoy this pleasant, innocent diversion during your weekend.