If You Like Barbie-Based Instagrams Here Is Activist Barbie

Anyone who remembers Socality Barbie knows that the ‘lifestyle doll’ is a great vehicle for living out loud on Instagram. Well now there’s an account that’s less latte drinking and more placard waving.

As protests and marches increase and grow larger in scale being A Protestor is becoming a must for the social media thirsty. Attending every event is crucial, and more and more elaborate signs, buttons, and outfits – even performance art – are needed in order to make sure your picture makes it into the media coverage. Some organizers are even starting to arrange afterparties to add to the social media FOMO appeal.

And then Barbie shows up.


It’s hard to tell whether Activist Barbie is some kind of piss-take or an earnest attempt to generate interest in social issues via a fun prop, but it would be great if it were the latter. Anything is better than Revolve Barbie.