India-Jewel Jackson Thinks Jews Could Have More Easily Survived The Holocaust

Over at XOJane, bastion of the meaningful, India-Jewel Jackson wrote a meh piece about Paula Deen and “apology culture”. Thankfully she managed to spice it up in the comments when she more or less started up a Who Has Been More Oppressed contest. Hint on who won – not Jews!

[W]ith the slavery vs. holocaust debate, it’s a bit different, as it was ultimately based upon race vs. religion, as in, Blacks were enslaved for hundreds of years, because they were Black. They couldn’t change or alter the appearance so as to escape and fly under the radar. Jews were exteriminated…for not being blonde + blue and because of their religion–the hair and the religion, they could change.(NOT AT ALL SAYING THAT THEY NEED TO OR SHOULD WANT TO IN ORDER TO STAY ALIVE, I’M JUST POINTING OUT THE BASIS OF IT.)

It’s hard to align those two experiences and find common ground because they aren’t exactly parallel. It’s much easier to find solidarity across minority color lines, IMO.

When commenters tried to explain to IJJ that Jews were persecuted by the Nazis because they were considered a sup-par race and thus changing their hair and religion would not have saved them, she replied:

It might not have been easy/realistic, but it WAS possible. Changing hair color is far easier than changing skin color and facial features.

Commenters continued to express disbelief at IJJ’s ignorance, one responding “Possible, schmossible. I’m sorry, but you’re talking outta your ass here”, and several explaining how Nazis rounded up Jewish people of every hair and eye color. She then decided enough was enough:

I’m not sure how I oppressed the Jewish people in my comment, but whatever. I don’t really care anymore.

XOJane commenters continue to try and educate Ms. Jackson while she shouts about how everyone needs to get back to discussing Paula Deen. I wonder if she sees the irony in this kerfluffle happening in a post about bigotry?